The only LASO guide you'll need and without the coward tank gun

The only LASO guide you'll need and without the coward tank gun

Warship Gbraakon

Right from the start switch to your shock grenades and start to melee the sleeping Grunts. Once you grapple up a few will be there so spam them with shock nades and proceed to melee. They are all ultras and have Disruptors which will destroy your shields and they fire them like machine guns.

They also throw God nades that WILL stick you the moment they see you (super annoying) so be careful when you grapple them for melee. Before continuing get the Mangler for the increased damage and when you see the first Berserk brute stun him with shock nades and melee to finish him off.

All Brutes have rockets so that's your 2nd weapon of choice. However, they are helpless up close so they are your best bet for a safe shield recharge. Grunts keep shooting from half a meter away, f*ck those guys!!

Proceed though by spamming shocks and leave a rocket Brute or a grunt for last to get back your shields. Once you reach the bridge replace the Mangler with the Ravager. When you go to destroy the cooling pipes kill them all from topside because they can trap you with their nades below and overwhelm you.


This is where you get your sword!

Shock nade spam the first Elite you see. Approach fast and kill him with the Ravager's melee.

For the first open area shock nade spam and rocket the enemies from afar. Keep a Brute or Grunt alive for sword melee and shield recovery as usual.

After you get the Weapon, you can skip the section with the bridges by grappling to the other side and the enemies will not spawn.

The Tremonius room can be a little annoying because of Jackal snipers. They will 3-hit kill you, so the moment you see their laser, duck for cover. Grappling away won't save you, they can hit you mid-air.

For the Tremonius fight grapple to the 2 Jackal majors immediately and melee them with your sword. Then grapple away and start shock nade spamming the big guy. Shock nade, rockets, grapple away rinse and repeat until he's down. Don't let him shoot you with his Hydra, it's a 3-hit KO. If you don't have full shields at the end, you can get them back at the start of Outpost Tremonius.

Outpost Tremonius

Sword the first sleeping grunts and nade spam the others, the fusion coils with do the rest.

When you exit head to the right outside to find the 2nd spartan core and get the 3rd one to get your shields at level 2.

Using your rockets, stand on a building and take everything out.

Grapple on the side of the Frigate and rocket those on the platform. Nade spam the leftovers.

Get the Sniper rifle from below the platform, it's the best for the open world that comes next.

General Open World Tips

I strongly suggest getting the spartan cores and exploring the open world freeing marine squads and killing HVTs. A very important HVT is Okro Vagaduun. You get the Duelist Energy sword there and it's excellent for traversing the open world granting you faster speed and higher jumps.

Do the mini quests and get Valor. You will need it in the final area to get a Wasp and go to the 4 beacons.

First get your shields to max level. The first area has 8 and with the 3 you got before, spend 9 on your shields and max them early on.

The upgrades you should have, besides max shields, are:

max Grapple for the increased damage of the ground pound attack

level 2 Threat Sensor for increased radius and a 2nd charge

level 3 Drop Wall for the size and durability.

Thrusters on full for the invisibility. You can spam them to get to hide and cover, evade plasma bolts and stealth approaches for sword kills. Also, an absolute live saver against Hunters

The Tower

Use this map[] to find everything on the open world.

The Tower has 2 cores, so get all the others before going there. You should have max shields before you face Chak' Lok. You have 3 cores from Outpost Tremonius and there are 6 more in the first area.

Deal with enemies from far away with your Sniper rifle. Freeing marines and clearing Ransom Keep with it becomes a breeze. Due to the Mythic skull Grunts need 2 head shots, Jackals 1, rocket Brutes 4 and Elite ultras 7 but they take cover a lot, so kill them with the sword after your shock nade spam them.

Get the Scorpion and head to the Tower. You can approach on the high ground from the side of Bipbap, the Grunt HVT and kill a lot with it. Free the marines but be careful. They can kill you with their rockets and grenades and they spam them even more than the enemies. Really bad for your shields.

Get on the wall of the Tower and snipe everyone you see or shock nade them and approach for for sword melee. When the 3 drop pods appear shock nade spam the Brutes and sword them to death. Swap your Sniper for rockets and deal with the Phantom that comes in after you activate the grav lift.

Blow up the fusion coils on the platform for those who landed.

Enter the Tower and use the Threat sensor to see them and shock nade spam them. As usual, leave a Brute or Grunt for shield recharge.

For Chak' Lok, throw a Sensor and immediately shock nade him. Bring the Spanker with you for this fight. The Cowbell skull does the rest. Impact from the blasts will kill him fast, however he will still leap at you so watch out.

Excavation Site

There are 14 cores in this area, so do your upgrades like I told you.

Remember to have a Sniper and open world mini quests become easy. Head shot everyone and use your Sensor. Here you can either max the Grapple or save them for the Drop Wall and Thrusters. I'd suggest the latter.

Liberate FOB Bravo to have the Elite HVT spawn and kill him in his Ghost with your Sniper. It's a 3 hit kill, easy peesy! Get the Arcane beam and a Razorback loaded with marines and clear the 4 Banished outposts in this area and free the marine squads too.

At the Excavation site, bring them with you and give them Sniper rifles. Get them on the high ground and they will be a huge help.

When the first drop pods appear, shock nade spam the Brutes. Go in and begin the next stage to destroy the cooling pylons. Have your own Sniper for the Jackals that drop off the Phantoms.

For the Bassus fight, get a Skewer. Get out of the way when it starts, he will always jump at you and one shot you. Shock nade spam him and run for the ledges over the doors on either corridor. Grapple on them and Skewer him to death. He won't grenade you or attack you, nice cheesy way to beat him and save the frustration.

For the next mission, don't forget your Arcane beam!


Pretty straightforward!

Threat Sensor, shock nades, the Arcane beam and the Duelist energy sword will get you through it no problem.

At the fight with the 2 Chieftains with Scrap Cannons, you could have your Thrusters maxed so they become easy. Shock nade spam them and melt them with the Arcane beam or pick up a Cindershot as it deals with them really fast.


A Razorback with marines from the nearest FOB will make this a walk in the part.

For the Hunter pair, cheese them around corners with your Thursters and get the Volatile Skewer from the nearby FOB. Pack it at the back of the Razorback and you're stellar!

The Adjutant Resolution boss is pretty easy. Thurster into cover and use the Arcane Beam to beat him easily.

Pelican Down

Using the map[] head towards the West battery and get the Sniper.

Leave your Arcane beam from now on.

Then go for the East battery, free the marines and go back to the starting area to get a Warthog. Give them both rockets, they will make short work of the enemies on the road, and drive to the North gun first, then East and last West.

There use your sniper when you approach and grapple on it and shock nade spam the enemies in the cave. Rocket the Hunters from above.

You can find a Pursuit Hydra near the North gun. It's super useful for Hyperius and Tovarus. You can salvo the first one in his Chopper, 6 missiles will blow it up and he's gone. For the other, use your Drop Wall for cover and the Hydra. Take out the enemies there with your Sniper after you're done with the bosses. Head on to the final area with your Sniper and the Duelist sword as usual.


Take the first FOB there and call in a Wasp. Using the map[] fly to the spartan cores and the towers. Also, take back the FOBs in this area to replace your Wasp because it's made of paper on Legendary.

Here only kill the Brute HVT Zeretus for his Tracker Spanker. Now you can get all the Spartan cores you need for the upgrades. You need 27 for the Grapple, Shields and Thruster, 3 for the Threat Sensor and 6 for the Drop Wall, making it a total of 36.

First and second tower, clear with Razorback marines or go solo with your sniper.

Third beacon tower has 2 Wraiths, so use a Scorpion from FOB Kilo or Razorback marines. Same goes for the Hunters at the last tower. You can use the Volatile Skewer as well.

Before you proceed, take a Scorpion to the gate of the base near the Command spire and you can kill everyone and the Hunters that drop there with ease.

Nexus, Command Spire And Repository

Bring the Arcane beam and your Duelist sword before you enter.

The main bother here are the Hunters in Nexus. Get a Spanker, there is one in the same room with them. It's an enclosed space and they can hear your Thrusters and kill you while you're invisible. Use Threat Sensor, thrust to cover and reload and it should not take long to beat these guys.

Don't forget the Arcane beam before you go, it's a must against Sentinels.

The areas here are shock grenades' best friend. Detect enemies and spam nades, killing leftovers with your Duelist sword.

For the 2nd Adjutant Resolution fight, Grapple or Thruster to cover around the main pillar. Deal with sentinels first with your Arcane beam and take him out fast and easy.

Deal with the 3 Phantoms at the top with your rockets or the Skewer.

The Road

The only LASO guide you'll need and without the coward tank gun image 72

Without flying to the end by launching the Rockethog with a grenade and grappling to it, you can complete it with the Scorpion by taking it carefully and taking everything out from a distance. It's doable and I did it here.

The House Of Reckoning

Arcane beam and Duelist Sword bonanza.

Spam Thrusters, go invisible and take everyone out. Go below and kill them at the doors where they spawn.

For the Hunter fight, leave them for last, get rockets and it's rather easy.

Jega Urdomnai you can kill fast by shock nading him and using the Arcane beam or your sword as he is surprisingly helpless up close as I was surprised to find out. I beat this guy with my Duelist sword first try.

Get a Spanker before facing Escharum, blast him as he appears and the acceleration will smack him on a wall and one shot him.

Take back your Arcane beam before the final mission.

The Silent Auditorium

First area use Arcane beam and your shock nades and it should go by pretty easy. The next large area, same drill. The Hunter room has a Skewer so thruster away and take them out with some patience.

The final boss fight room is easy too. Grapple or thrust to where the enemies come in and shock nade them at the doors. You can get the Cindershot here as it helps massively with the Chieftain.

Grapple to the ledges to avoid him or thruster away and blast him quickly.

For the Harbinger fight, shock nade spam her and have your Duelist sword in hand for when she gets close. Take notice of when she is preparing the bolts and thruster away to safety. Using your sword you can take her shields out fast and finish her off.

Congratulations for completing LASO, you are now part of the 0.2%!


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