Mission 1: Warship Gbraakon Glitch

Mission 1: Warship Gbraakon Glitch


In all honesty, I was going make a tips and tricks guide with links to helpful resources that would benefit newer Halo players, but then I came across a glitch that probably saved me a lot of pain in my LASO run. I might still make that guide, though, so stay tuned. Without further ado let’s dive into it.

What Happens In The Glitch

Please note that this glitch shouldn’t hurt your game unlike other glitches and is surprisingly easy to perform. All it does is simply play with the check points so the escape part of the mission loads without having to destroy the stasis beam.

Here is a video that shows how to do it but I will go into more detail than the video:

The Glitch

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The glitch takes place after the Craigs come down that elevator, and when you go up you should walk right into the room where the U.N.S.C. audio log is. Continue fighting your way up to the room with a broken elevator to the left of the door. If you are on LASO, clear the room out ASAP. The best tactic would be to grab the rocket launcher from one of the Craigs back by the first elevator, and use it to clear the room out along with dynamo grenades. Using the dynamo grenades throughout LASO is very important. “Why, is it important?” you may ask. It’s important because it will stun your enemies long enough for you to be able deal a ton of damage to them. Anyway, once you finish them off normally you would go through the door at the back right of the room, however, to the back left of the room is the GOLDEN door that, if punched 3 times standing up or 1 time crouched, will open up. The door opens up to the part of the mission where you try to escape the warship, but by triggering a checkpoint you can skip the control room.

When you first look at the hallway it will look like this:

The loading sequence for this portion freezes the game for a second but then it resumes. Now after exiting the hallway DON'T turn right, it won't hurt anything but there is a door that will freeze you in place and you have to start the mission all over again. It looks like this:

(NOTE: I don't actually have an image of what it's like while the soft-lock occurs. I didn't want to restart the mission. lol)

When you turn right, keep going down the hallway and for some reason there are some needlers on the ground, as well as some fusion coils. At some point, you should reach a dead end. Turn right.

Now, turn left and if you keep walking the lights should turn on, so you should just go back the way you came from. Most of the effects don't fully load until you get by the door you came in from.

Also until you get by the back door, none of the grunts in the glitch room will actually notice you. They just let you stand there and it's kinda like they are playing dead.

Thank You

Thank you so much for reading this guide. I am going to do a couple of different guides on useful and easy glitches to perform so stay tuned, also any steam points given is greatly appreciated. Have a good time gaming.

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