How to talk or text in Halo Infinite guide

Text Guide

Sign into Xbox game bar and then go to audio then voice and make sure your headset is selected then click settings then click accounts and make sure it says signed in and now click the x button at top of game bar and then use your mouse and click your screen it should remove game bar from your screen.

Now when you launch game click settings icon at bottom of screen then click settings go to audio then make sure your headset is selected for voice chat input device. Click voice chat mode and change it to open mic or push to talk or toggle to talk.

If you choose push to talk or toggle to talk go to keyboard and mouse and scroll down till you see push to talk and change the binding for it. If you choose toggle to talk you press it once to turn on mic then again to turn it off.

In audio settings Check the box that says Fireteam & Lobby chat and check the box that says Match Chat. Change incoming voice chat volume to 10. Now your good to go and talk with other people be aware you may not find people who talk in this game.

To see who is talking in game click tab, to see who is talking in your party in main menu click the party icon next to settings. There is no in game mic icon you have to click tab in game to see who is talking or if your in main menu in a party click the party icon.

To text in Halo infinite click the text icon in main menu or in game click the y button as long as you didn't change it.

I recommend having toggle to talk because if you use open mic people may mute you. Toggle to talk is like open mic but you can turn it off so people don't hear everything in the background.


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