How to play Halo Infinite on an Unsupported GPU

Why This Restriction Exists

This restriction is in place to ensure the game stays stable and doesn't fluctuate in performance, and/or possibly damage your GPU (though not likely.) If you're OK with the risks associated, continue with this guide.

This guide was given ground thanks to Redditor u/skrtl in r/Halo

How To Bypass 343's Restrictions.

In your Steam Library, right-click Halo Infinite and go to Browse Local Files.

Take this file path:

data / hardware/ [your GPU brand (NVidia, AMD, etc.)]

Use Ctrl + F and find and replace all NotCompatible to Low

This also does not work UNLESS you have a DirectX 12 compatible GPU. View below for details.

Enjoy Playing 343's amazing game!

DISCLAIMER: I am not to be held responsible for ANY damaged parts, circuits, or otherwise. Neither is 343. You would be doing this to yourself. Be warned.

What Is VRAM?

VRAM or Video RAM is separate from your default RAM. Video RAM is what your GPU uses to render your games. A card with less VRAM renders games slower, and needs lower game settings to get good performance.

DirectX 12

DirectX 12 should be installed with Windows 10, and may not be supported on older OSs. But to see your current DirectX version. Hit your Windows key and type dxdiag, and click the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Preferrably run it as an administrator, as with most diagnostic tools, and look for DirectX version. If this is 12, you're good to play it.

Guide Doesn't Work?

THE ONLY OTHER OPTION:Get a better GPU. Sorry, but blame the scalpers for inflating GPU prices (at the time of writing this guide.)

Things to Look For in a Good GPU:4+ GB of VRAM

High Clock Speeds

Power Rating (so you don't underpower your GPU and end up wasting money)

DO NOT go off of just brand or high price. Do not get scammed.


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