1. Settings

In this game it is very important that you try to get the edge over your opponents at all times.

This starts with the settings:

1. Set your game to low (or medium)

This ensures your game looks like ♥♥♥♥ but at least you have a few more fps.

2. Disable screen shake, blur and bloom effects

screw all this lol

3. Set your mouse sensitivity for comfort, and set a good FOV (I recommend 95-100)

This should be standard when getting into an FPS game, so if you haven't done it before I'd recommend you look stuff up about DPI and in game sensitivities on FPS games.

All the other settings are optional, but anything that allows you to see better, or be able to spot people faster is highly recommended. Or get glasses u blind mf

2. Aim And Movement Awareness

When it comes to FPS games, being able to have good control of your aim and be precise with your shots is a very valuable skill. However, just like real life, you probably suck at it. But that is ok! Here are a few things you can do to improve your aim faster in Halo: Infinite.

1. Try to understand what type of game Halo is and has beenHalo is a game of precision and consistency. Other popular FPS games usually have players aim for headshots, as this is their optimal TTK (time to kill). However, in Halo, consistency matters more than anything. While headshots do count in this game, shields make it so you have to consistently stay on the weakest part of your target until they drop dead. For example, the BR takes 4 perfectly placed bursts in order to kill, however if you misplace one of those bursts the TTK rises significantly.

If you struggle with aim I'd recommend using aim trainers such as Aimlab or Kovaaks. Boot these up for 10-30 minutes every day and you will see progress in less than a week. (no ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ click now!) I would emphasize tracking and motion flicking drills for Halo, but precision and flicking tasks are also very good.

2. Be mindful of where you are shooting at all times

Aiming at someone and shooting at them is probably a very good idea (in game lol), but none of your shots will count if at the end of the day all you did was tickle their legs.

A good thing to keep in mind is to always stay focused on your target and their direction, and while there are a lot of factors that can affect this, aiming at the head is always the most efficient way to pwn. Aiming is one thing, forcing yourself to be focused on where you are aiming is another.

3. Movement is probably the single most important thing in this game

While this might sound like a hot take, I can tell you from experience that there have been numerous times where If I had moved to cover, or strafed more, I would not have died and put my team in a disadvantage.

One of the most common mistakes that people make in this game is jumping while in the middle of a fight. This sets you in a very predictable movement pattern that only helps your opponent.

Try to always have cover around you, as this will help you have more options if you f*k up and get tagged.

3. Decision Making

"Game sense" is the ability to understand how the game works and how people use the sandbox, game mechanics or certain advantages in different maps for the benefit of their team, as well as objective priorities, map timings and enemy respawn timers. Decision making is what allows you to go for big plays and understand if fights are worth taking or not.

1. Always make sure you are on a favorable position before engaging A very common mistake we all make is taking fights in which we have already been tagged, which puts us in a disadvantage from the get go. Although there are ways to win fights in which you are at a disadvantage, like strafing or nading, these are very hard to pull off against good players. Of course, this is still fun and I won't stop doing it (netiher should you please give me all the kills) but oftentimes it is very smart to back out of unfavorable positions even if your shields are at 80% capacity.

2. Use your grenades and tag people even if they are away

Grenades define how fights go in Halo, and in some cases, they decide who wins from the start. These little deadly potatoes are very effective at zoning out people from cover, and controlling objectives such as flags and power weapons. These are your sidekicks, and you should throw them like they are tennis balls every minute. Seriously, just use them.

Tagging people even if they are away immediately puts them in a situation where they will have to either wait to re-engage, or push and risk dying. This could also make them back out of the fight instantly. If you ever fight someone who is very far away and notice that one of your teammates is getting closer to the enemy, they are instantly at a disadvantage against you and your teammate.

Personally, if my shields are below 50% and I can't get anything done to the enemy, I'M HAULING ASSSS

4. Conclusion

With these few tips you should be able to engage in better fights and play the game a little better.

thanks for reading now ♥♥♥♥ off


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