[Crashing?] How to fix this broken ass game:

1. Disable The HD Texture Pack.

Go to the DLC tab for Halo Infinite in your Steam Library, click on "Manage my DLC", uncheck "Multiplayer High-res Textures".

Start the game and see if it is still crashing or freezing.

2. Uninstall The Game.

If none of these tips work for you, right click the game in your Steam Library, manage game, and click uninstall. This will save you many hours of frustration. Go play the Master Chief Collection instead or something. This game is not work the countless hours you could sink in trying to fix it.

It's pretty sad this game is published by Microsoft, and yet it runs like crap on most people's Windows PCs.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2689335320					

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