Complete List of all Weapon Variants & What They Do

Weapon Variants And What They Do In Halo Infinite:

Rapid Fire Pulse Carbine[] – Faster fire rate

Arcane Sentinel Beam[] – Increased Damage and lower ammunition, faster recharge rate

Duelist Energy Sword[] – Faster movement, faster attack speed, higher jumps, faster recovery

Calcine Disruptor[] – Increased damage and electro area of effect damage

Unbound Plasma Pistol[] – Charging fires multiple shots, takes less shots to disrupt shield

Stalker Rifle Ultra[] – Faster fire rate and bullet velocity

M41 Tracker[] – Homing missles

Riven Mangler[] – Slower fire rate and increased bullets and damage per shot

Rushdown Hammer[] – Increased movement speed, increased attack speed and increased damage

Volatile Skewer[] – Explosive ammunition

Ravager Rebound[] – Ricocheting ammunition

Pinpoint Needler[] – Homing shots that can track multiple enemies

Purging Shock Rifle[] – Increased range and increased damage

Backdraft Cindershot[] – Shots split up and chain explode

Scatterbound Heatwave[] – tracking ricochet ammuntion


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