How to Bridget

How to Bridget

Simple Steps To Become One With Your Yo-Yo!

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🪀Step number one: Introduce yourself to the Yo-Yo and begin to create a special bond with it!

🪀Step number two: Do you best to connect your dreams and aspirations with that Yo-Yo!

🪀Step number three: If possible go in-game and take that lil guy on long walks!

🪀Step number four: Have a mutual relationship centered around respect!

🪀Step number five: Go off to conquer online with your new Yo-Yo companion!

Now that you've read this comprehensive guide, I hope you're able to rip and tear all of those top tiers with our special gal in the image below!

Bonus Step!

NO MATTER where you walk full blast the Bridget theme so people know that you are menace to society and love Yo-Yos.

Use What You Learned Online!

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Yeah you pretty much learned the basics of Bridget. CONGRATULATIONS, now go play her immediately online without any prior practice in dojo to really show them who's the queen of guilty gear around here. Real strive players mash and enjoy the game whilst ruining it for others!

If you are interested in more Bridget stuff I plan to make an actual comprehensive guide for her and other characters in the future for fun! One important detail left out in this guide are matchups, but to that I just say. Who cares???? beat the ever living crap out of Ram and Nago players who think they're better at mashing playing offensively than you are and always make sure to have fun while playing Guilty Gear Strive!