Achievements guide

Achievements guide


I Wanna Go Home!:
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Escape as soon you start the match

Throw the catcher into the river in "abandoned House" (behind the van)

for some reason it's bugged so throw it here as shown in the picture (easy)

Win without using a flashlight (easy)

Walk with a сrucifixion in hands for more than 5 minutes (easy)

Catch a Child (easy, there is a ghost called Child)

Stay in the van for more than 10 minutes (easy, Simply afk)

Play a full-party game (easy, you can join random public lobbies)

Press the space bar 20 times (easy)

Catch 5 different ghosts (easy, you just need to play a bit to get 5 different ghosts)

Run with a torch in hand for 5 minutes straight (easy)

Сatch a Demon (easy, you'll get demon in your games after you get around lvl 7)

Save up 10,000 (easy, just need to grind a bit)


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