Full video walkthrough - All 3 Endings

Full video walkthrough - All 3 Endings


Full video walkthrough - All 3 Endings image 1

This guide is a full video walkthrough of the game.

It is meant to help you if you get stuck at a certain part of the game or don't understand a puzzle.

I skipped over most of the text and unique deaths to keep the walkthrough brief and to the point. (There are a couple of deaths here and there but they can be skipped via timestamps).

If you want to read the texts that I skipped, you can always pause in between the lines or play that part yourself to read at your pace.

I will also mark the timestamps that could potentially be roadblocks (tough chases or puzzles) so that you spend less time looking up for them ;)


Here is the video :)


0:00 Cells

3:13 Isolation Ward

5:26 Security room code ------ Roadblock for certain people

8:07 Baby chase

8:37 Corridor to main lobby

9:40 Main lobby

11:14 Boxes ------ Can take a bit to figure out

11:51 Back to making Tear of sea

14:08 Mirror puzzle (Fuse 1)

15:15 Stone gaze (Failed attempt) ------- One of the hardest part for me

15:55 Stone gaze (Successful attempt)

17:40 Video room

18:37 Fishmen chase (Fuse 2) ------- A long die and retry part if you don't know the path

(Almost every wrong turn has 2, 3 or 4 bifurcations that all lead to your death)

20:24 Generator 2/3

21:15 Symbol code -------- Hint for this one was in the Office room

21:24 Making Holy water of death

23:36 Morgue (Fuse 3)

24:18 Cutscene

25:35 Me failing recipe (just skip this part)

26:44 Cutscene (same as before)

27:46 Making Grasp of Bondage

28:14 Getting 3rd Fuse --------- You need to think about checking the scientist's corpse again

29:18 Branch - Making Orb of truth ------- Can be missed if you don't see the hints

31:02 Reaching the endgame

31:54 Ending 2

33:27 Fishmen boss (Failed attemt) -------- You can die and retry quite a bit here, just know that you can skip the ending and credits for faster retries.

34:25 Fishmen boss (Successful attempt)

35:00 Ending 1

36:33 Ending 3 branch

37:12 Game doesn't like me (reset to checkpoint)

38:28 Fishmen boss fail

39:05 Fishmen boss success

39:26 Uploading bug ------- Ignore that there was a bug with my video upload

39:40 Ending 3

41:08 Full credits

The end

This is all I have for this guide, feel free to leave a comment if there is a part you didn't understand or if there are endings/secrets that I have missed.

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