How to obliterate

How to obliterate


How to obliterate image 1

I do not care what system you run even with your dual 4090 ti's in SLI turn all graphics on the lowest setting.

VSync Off


Turn off all graphics driver enhancements

Close Spotify, your 60 tabs of chrome and anything using internet and resources

Tune Your Mouse Sens

How to obliterate image 8

Turn your sensitivity down

Game Mechanics

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Pawn - Just aim for head and spam E

Bishop - Don't bother trying

Queen - Only use E

King - The hardest to play - Block until you can get a good E then smack with sword or just RKO from above

Rook - Use shift to go to the farthest place in the map (ceiling light is always a good one ) and snipe like the GRUB you are.


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