How to beat a king [with all pieces]


PAWN: this one is hard but fun.

always be away from him and hit headshots

bamboozle him by doing things with your decoys, jumping under the table, running, etc

get up things with climbing, the higher the better

ROOK: the easiest.

grapple somewhere high and shoot him

it takes about 2 - 3 to the body, or one to the head to put him down



BISHOP: boring but should be a win

have a bit of range away from him and spam bombs, then blast his face if he comes near you

you could also try to fly up and bomb but its not too fun

if you get hit with his pull, bomb him and go for a headshot, it might kill him

KNIGHT: the easiest thing ever or hell.

not much i can say for this one but hit shots and dash away

walls can help a bit

QUEEN: meh.

Push your stuff at him for good damage

Mini-gun shots can stop him from healing

KING: metal gear rising in a nutshell.

its not to great but you can try to jump over him and hit him first, then combo him with your pull

Countering the "e"

ok so what you need for this is a bible, and maybe a cross

step one: pray

step 2: pray harder


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