How 2 Lose

How 2 Lose

Use The Pawn

The best piece for losing. Has the simplest gun and the weakest ability.

Spawn friends who'll easily die Distracts your opponent while you blend in and strike No wait that actually works...

How About The Knight?

Knight has a freaking bow. Who uses bows?

Take aim at your opponent and release. Arrows will, of course, miss Use the aimbot ability Use the charge move to ram the enemy and strike at point blank Crap...

The Bishop, Then

Literally just a priest with a blunderbuss.

Since you have a shotgun, keep your distance Get up somewhere high and exposed Fly down, throw the HOLY HAND GRENADE, which will launch your opponent into the air Shoot em' like clay pigeons

This is harder than I thought...

Uh, Rook

By playing Rook (who has a sniper-rifle), you'll automatically be condemned as a filthy camper.

Use the wall to run away like a sissy Or the grapple hook. I don't care Go to the very corner of the map and take advantage of your ranged weapon Use the wall to coax the enemy out into the open

I'm failing to teach you on how to fail...

Fine, We'll Use The Queen

Queen is, uh, bad. She just is...

Grab a piece to cower behind Close the gap a bit then hurl the poor soul at your opponent Quickly jump into the air to confuse the enemy and make it rain lead

Queen is still bad.



Of course! The weakest yet most important piece in chess! And the cherry on top is that he's the only one without a ranged weapon! HAAAAAAAAAAAA

First goal is to get in real close Go for a ground pound to get REAL close and disorient the enemyWait...

Swing your massive sword for high damageNo! Stop!

If they try to run, use your tractor beam to bring your opponent back Slice n' dice til you have reached preferred amount of victory


I'm Sorry...

How 2 Lose image 26

I tried

I really did

But we must face the truth...

There is no losing in this game.

Thanks for letting me waste your time


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