FPS Chess

FPS Chess

Pawn abilities:

Musket - can shoot once every 2/3rds of a second - does c. 10% - you can block with this using right click

Minions - summons another pawn to fight for you (can be used for distraction) - 5 second cooldown when no minions are out

Sprint - makes you move much faster but you can't shoot - no cooldown

Rooks abilities:

Sniper Rifle - Can shoot every 2 seconds (very inaccurate without scope) - does c. 40% but headshots do 100% - right click to use scope for superb aiming

Grappling Hook - drag yourself to any location on the map if it is in range - 8 second cooldown

Border Wall - creates an impenetrable wall to block people or shots, the wall can stay forever - 3 second cooldown, destroys other wall when used

Knights abilities:

Bow - can shoot every ⅓ of a second without charging which does almost no damage, a fully charged arrow does c. 50% and it usually takes 1 second to charge an arrow - unlike other guns the bow uses arrows which instead of travelling perfectly straight, curve downward because they are affected by gravity so aiming can be difficult. Headshots instakill.

Homing Arrow - shoots an arrow that has the ability to home in after matching the opponent's side so it travels like an L and you only have to aim at the opponent for it to hit - 6 second cooldown, does the same damage as a normal shot

Dash - dash forward a medium distance that deals c. 30% on contact - 4 second cooldown

Bishops abilities:

Blunderbuss - can shoot every 1.5 seconds, shoots a flurry of pellets that travel like bullets, each pellet does 5-10% but the sheer amount of pellets shot means that close range instakills anything

Holy Hand Grenade - chuck a grenade that does 30-50% and throws the enemy into the air which can be used for extreme synergy with the glide ability - 3 second cooldown

Glide - press shift in the air to glide, going down speeds you up and going up slows you down, if you lose too much momentum you stop gliding, you can go extremely fast if you start high up. You can glide forever - 5 second cooldown once you land

Queen’s abilities:

Tommy Gun - shoots 10 bullets a second each dealing 5%

Human shield - grab a piece that hovers in front of you as long as you want, the piece blocks all bullets that hit it including yours which may cause some problems, you can throw the piece dealing 50-60% the piece when thrown is affected by gravity - 5 second cooldown once piece is thrown

Jetpack Joyride - have complete freedom of movement for 8 seconds - 10 second cooldown once flying stops

King’s abilities:

Greatsword - a melee weapon that can swing every 2/3rds of a second dealing 30%

Ground Pound - select where you want to attack and then fly into the air and slam in the location you selected dealing 50% with a 5 by 5 splash on the ground - 5 second cooldown once you slam

Vortex - suck in any piece including fake ones from a medium distance, used to draw in opponents for your sword - 8 second cooldown

Abilities ranked:

Homing Arrow

Border Wall

Grappling Hook

Human Shield





Ground Pound

Jetpack Joyride

Holy Hand Grenade


Headshots double damage dealt for every piece and all pieces have equal health


Pawn v Rook goes both ways

Pawns sprint makes evading shots easy but low damage from the pawns musket means there are ample opportunities for a kill, a viable strategy for rook (hiding and sniping) can be easily countered by the pawns minion who always shoots in the direction the opponent is in, the minion can also be used for flanking.

Pawn v Knight is usually won by the knight

The knight has much better aiming at close range than a rook so close combat is in favor for the knight, the pawns minion can be countered by a fully charged shot to the head because the minions movement is predictable, another difference between rook and knight is the fact that all of the knights abilities do damage while none of the rooks do damage. This means that a knight can combo a pawn into oblivion because of how easy it is to land a homing arrow + dash.

Pawn v Bishop goes both ways

If you're good at using bishop you will win, but because of how hard using bishop can be, the pawn has a pretty good chance at beating a bishop. It’s difficult to land a point blank shot with bishop and it's even harder because of the pawns sprint. It is also really easy to get headshots on a bishop when a bishop is gliding because the only part of a bishop facing you will be its head. When in flight, a bishop can take out a pawn if the bishop evades the shots. But only if the bishop plays well. You can launch any piece into the air with the grenade and then shoot from below making getting kills easier but the blunderbuss’s spread leaves that up to chance.

Pawn v Queen is almost always won by the queen

The queen can fly to safety when damaged, the human shield is great for blocking a musket shot, and the tommy gun destroys pieces after they have received damage from a thrown human shield.

Pawn v King is an easy victory for king

Because the pawn can’t kill fast, as soon as a round starts the king can use the vortex to suck the pawn and kill the pawn extremely fast with almost no way of failing

Rook v Knight goes both ways

While the knight can kill extremely fast very easily the rooks abilities make it much harder to kill. The wall can block a dash, a fully charged arrow or anything else that hits it although the homing arrow can get around it. The grapple hook also makes it easy to go to the highest points in the map which makes it very hard for a knight to kill a rook because of the gravity affected arrows a knight's bow shoots. Even though the rook is fast he can be caught up to which makes him an easy target, the rook excels at long ranged combat but sucks at close range because of the giant reticule when not using the scope. On the other hand the knight is insane at close to mid range combat and can insta kill any piece with ease if the piece is close enough.

Rook v Bishop goes both ways

If a bishop tries to use a rook like a clay pigeon the rook can rope away, and when a bishop glides its head is exposed which means that a rook can make quick work of a bishop with a sniper headshot if the rook's player is good enough, but because of how fast the bishop can glide it is difficult to hit a flying bishop. Because rooks usually go to small enclosed spaces it makes it hard for them to fight when their opponent finds them, and the kind of gameplay bishop exceeds at is close range.

Rook v Queen is a rooks victory

Even though a queen can kill anything in seconds, the rooks wall can block all shots given by the queen, except for the queen's human shield which is the only thing that can break a wall when thrown. Even though a queen is mostly airborne it moves quite slow when flying and can easily be shot, and once the flying stops the queen doesn’t have any more movement options leaving the queen vulnerable to a sniper.

Rook v King is a rooks wet dream

The king stands no chance, if he vortexes at the beginning a headshot will bring him down.

His only movement option is his ground pound which lasts a second. All this combined with the fact that he has the biggest head in the game means he is hopeless against the rook.

Knight v Bishop goes to the knight

The bishop simply can’t keep up with the knight’s fast barrage. The only movement options for the bishop are flight and rocket jumping, flight leaves the bishop's head vulnerable and rocket jumping only works as an escape method. The knight is simply too fast and powerful for the bishop.

I got some info wrong like the rooks wall. i made this with 3 hours of play and had not really experimented with the game. also the damages are guesses

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2847424775					

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