Chess Piece Counters

The Pawn

Now the pawn is one of the worst pieces in the game, however they aren't a automatic lose. the pawn has somewhat decent ability's that allow it to run and create clones. if your opponent is terrible at dealing with multiples they may die easier. otherwise just have good aim.

Pawn vs Pawn

this is mostly skill, shoot the swarm if you need to, and aim for the head.

Pawn vs Rook

this is the hard counter, clones give away the position but other than that you are gonna die

Pawn vs Knight

this is more of the soft counter, use clones to help draw attention away from yourself and blocking does not stop arrows. Just remember that arrows are a projectile they take time to hit.

Pawn vs Bishop

you straight up dead unless you can move around them fast enough and hope they won't use bombs

Pawn vs Queen

you will be dead unless the queen has no aim or gets overwelmed by clones

Pawn vs King

try to run and die, stay close and die, do anything, die.

The Rook

this thing is super fast moving piece because of it's grappling hook, you can also pull a fortnite and build a wall. The worst part of this thing is that it has a sniper, that insta-kills on headshot. (not 100% sure) you gotta get the enemy to forget where you are so you can snipe them.

Rook vs Pawn

shoot anything that moves and run as far away as possible

Rook vs Rook

it's a aim test or a quick scope battle

Rook vs Knight

run away and don't get headshot

Rook vs Bishop

distance yourself and try getting a headshot when they are flying.

Rook vs Queen

run to the bookshelf or something to get cover and then try to get a headshot

Rook vs King

do not underestimate the king, he can almost jump across the map so you gotta get a quick scope on em.

The Knight

This piece can dash a fair amount of distance and shoot arrows (projectile) and has a ability that can shoot a homing arrow, however that homing arrow can't kill if you only use homing arrows. the arrows insta-kill on headshot

Knight vs Pawn

Jump off the board and try to bait the pawn down to the floor with spamming homing arrows or try to headshot when they peak out, also try not to get overwelmed by clones

Knight vs Rooks

this is the soft counter, as it's luck if the peak when the arrow is close enough, good luck on this fight.

Knight vs Knight

arrow 1v1

Knight vs Bishop

honestly a somewhat fair match, dash whenever they dive towards or try to headshot during it, a headshot might be the only way to win though

Knight vs Queen

gets hard-countered because the preform at the same range, just gotta hope they are bad.

Knight vs King

aim for the head and try to run.

The Bishop

The bishop is kinda op, can glide, grenade jump, and has a shotgun. if you jump and throw the grenade at your feet you will go up quite a bit. don't jump and you will go up a bit. when you do this start gliding and you can become a bomber by throwing grenades and shooting you shotgun. honestly you can do some very funny stuff but the general strategy is to throw bombs at the enemy when you are confident enough.

Bishop vs Pawn

use grenade to take out clones and try shotguning the main pawn

Bishop vs Rook

you will die unless you can get really close to the rook by using the grenade jumps, and also don't fly to predictively to minimize headshots

Bishop vs Knight

don't dive directly towards the knight and chip it with the gun and throw bombs at it

Bishop vs Bishop

try to not get hit with bombs.

Bishop vs Queen

throw bombs from a distance

Bishop vs King

throw bombs at king and also run

This guy has a guide focused on bishops also

The Queen

The Queen has a machine gun that resembles a pawns gun, can fly up into the air, and can throw pieces at people that deal a huge amount of damage. overall a somewhat good piece.

Queen vs Pawn

aim for the main pawn but don't forget about the clones

Queen vs Rook

you are gonna be sniped so quickly, rip

Queen vs Knight

throw pieces at them but don't make yourself too open

Queen vs Bishop

just aim at them the entire time and pray

Queen vs Queen

just a 1v1 on who can throw a piece first

Queen vs King

Queen kills king fast if you back up and shot because the usually just bring you close at the start.

The King

if you have ever play demoknight tf2 you know how this works, melee only with high damage and high speed, can jump from across the map, and can forcefully bring you closer. it's kind op but is the 2nd most weak piece in the game.

King vs Pawn

try to bring the pawn in and remember to deal with clones if you need to

King vs Rook

Jump at them and don't get sniped

King vs Knight

try to bring them close early

King vs Bishop

when they jump at you bring them close

King vs Queen

bait the queen into getting somewhat close but don't pull them in if they are too far

King vs King

"It's over Anakin, I have the high ground!" usually ends in a tie though


not much here right now but tell me if you disagree with any of these so I can improve this guide. other than that, this is the end.


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