Basic Stratigic Guide


So, you have just gotten and downloaded the game, and decided to skip the tutorial for some reason, presuming this is just chess with guns (It sorta is on a fundamental level). If you for some reason have never played a first person shooter before, then you may want to know the controls.

W:This makes your character piece move forward in the FPS section of the game

A:This makes your character strafe to the left in the FPS section of the game

S:This makes your character move backwards in the FPS section of the game

D:This makes your character strafe to the right in the FPS section of the game

Left Mouse Button:This allows whatever weapon you have to be fired, with different weapons requiring different inputs from your mouse.

Right Mouse Button:This allows your character to block, allowing for heavily reduced damage, but only for a while, as there is a cooldown if your block takes too much damage.

E:This allows the special ability the class you are currently playing as to be used. Different classes have different abilities.

Left Shift:This allows the special movement ability that each class has to be used, such as sprinting, gliding, etc.

Space:This allows your character to jump, or if you use it on a wall and hold it, allows you to climb up walls.Now we have basic movement and abilities down, we can get into some basic strategies, pros and cons of each and every class, and ways you can counteract the abilities of other classes.


There are in total 6 classes, the Pawn, the Rook, the Knight, the Bishop, the Queen, and the King. In this section, I will list abilities, weaknesses, and strengths of each class.



Left shift: Sprint

E: Makes an inanimate pawn animate, "alive" pawn will then follow the opponent and shoot in a straight line.Pros:

Can solo all the classes if you can get consistent head shots

Is able to use bot pawns to distract opponentsCons:

Is easily killed by 1 shot pieces (Head shot from a Rook, King, Queen)

No one gets fooled by the bot pawns.

Is absolutely, catastrophically countered by the Bishop



Left Shift: Grapple (It does not have infinite range, but it does have incredibly long reach)

E: Summon WallPros:

Can grapple to high places to make an incredible inconvenience to the opponent.

Can one shot any class with a single head shot from an aimed in sniper rifle shot

Can summon walls to protect in a pinchCons:

Cannot block normally, summoning walls is your only defense

Absolutely pathetic at close range

Can't exactly give good chase without dying



Left Shift: Charge (It can do heavy knockback and minor damage

E: Homing arrow (It's only capable of doing a single homing turn, be careful with it)Pros:

It can do a 2 hit combo that is absolutely devastating

It can charge for a burst of pure supersonic speedsCons:

Shots curve down

Any shot that isn't a fully charged headshot does minimal damage

Not that good mobility

Homing isn't too reliable



Left shift: Glide

E: Holy Hand Grenade (HHG)Pros:

Can use the E power to " 'nade jump" to gain extra mobility and use the E power to send enemies flying.

The most mobile class in the game

Excruciatingly hard to play against

Has better CQC potential than the kingCons:

Gliding can eventually get predictable

A Blunderbuss isn't exactly a good long range weapon.



Left Shift: Fly? Its an odd flying system, so I will really only count it as falling with style

E: Picks up the closest in-active chess piece to be used as a shield or be thrownPros:

Has a damn machine gun for constant damage

Can "fly" to where you are

Machine gun is practically pin-point preciseCons:

Any piece can dumb-found a queen main by going behind things. They'll be wondering why their constant damage stream isn't hurting you

Flying is incredibly awkward



Left Shift: Sword Pound. It makes a circle where you will land, and it does heavy damage if the hit connects

E: Holy Beam of Death: Exactly what it sounds like. It does damage, it pulls you in, and its one hell of a way to diePros:

y e s Cons:

Doesn't have a real ranged attack

Well, thats all the classes in some mildly easy to swallow context.

Basic Strategies

Right here are the most basic of all strategies, you may want to learn these before learning advanced strategies, and eventually master strategies.

Strategy 1;The Distraction:

Usable by: Pawn

Using the pawn's E ability, you can make dumbed down versions of your character, same HP and same body shot damage. You can use this to your advantage to get to a high place or just to hide and regen some lost health.

Most effective against: Bishops, Kings, Rooks, (possibly) Knights.Strategy 2; 'Nade Jumping:

Usable by: Bishop

Using the bishop's E ability, you can face the opposite direction you are wanting to go, and use the knock back of the holy hand grenade to boo

Most effective against: AllStrategy 3; Piece Protection:

Usable by: All. Most effectively used by: Queen

You can just simply hide behind any and all pieces as a way for cover. It only lasts a very short while though, unless you are using the queen.

Most effective against: Pawn, RookStrategy 4; God-rays:

Usable by: King

Using the king's E ability to suck all things in that single line of death, including players and prop pieces, you can then proceed with slicing with your Area of Effect (AoE) melee attack, dealing massive damage. This usually ends fight incredibly quick.

Most effective against: Bad players, Rook, Queen.Strategy 5; Scaredy Cat:

Usable by: All. Most effectively used by: Rook or Bishop

Simply climb, 'Nade jump, or Grapple to a very high place to heal, or go to the window and break it to get on the roof to both dumbfound your opponent and heal up. (Warning: This may cause the opponent to leave out of sheer rage or boredom)

Most effective against: Rooks, pawns, and people who don't know about this.

Finally! These simple yet effective strategic maneuvers are now under your belt! These can be further improved upon, so don't think these are it!

Advanced Strategies

These are slightly more advanced and can help win you some more battles! Some you may have already discovered, and that's better than just having some basic moves in your tool-belt.

A new addition to the list of strategies: Hard counters. These are things that counter this strategy on a whole different level than any other piece or counter-strategy.

Advanced Strategy 1; Spider man, spider man

Usable by: All. Most effectively used by: Pawn or Rook

You are capable of "Wall Running", simply climb up a small amount, release space, and have W held at all times, allowing you to preform mini hops, which in turn allow you to "Wall Run". This one does take a small bit of practice though.

Most effective against: All (Depends on skill) Hard counters: Queen,Rook

Advanced Strategy 2; Tricky

Usable by: Bishop

You more than likely have discovered the capabilities of the HHG, with its insane knockback potential, and its high enemy damage. This simple trick can let you win some battles nearly instantly! Simply prepare as if you are to 'Nade Jump, but be as close to the enemy as possible without taking too much damage. Now, deploy the knockback and damage!!! The enemy will be flinged into the air, along with you, and while the enemy is confused, release a shotgun fury on them! (Warning: This could cause your opponent to leave in pure rage)

Most effective against: All. Hard counters: Pawn

Advanced Strategy 3; Riot!

Usable by: Queen and King

Simply using your high DPS from each and your mobility options, you can simply chase your victim in a sadistic game of cat and mouse, but if the tables turn, simply sword pound away if you are a king, or use the E ability of the queen to get a (somewhat good) riot shield/block,

Most effective against: Rook, Bishop. Hard counters: Bishop, Rook, Knight.


Hey, if you are reading this, thanks for reading the entirety of my guide! Or if you decided to skip it, shame on you. Otherwise, I hope you have learned a thing or two in the world of FPS Chess from this guide, and if there are any strategies that I have missed that you think might deserve its own Master class or should be in Basic or Advanced, please comment them below!

Now, with that,

-Good luck!


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