a bishop's guide to matchups


these are things you will want to know regardless of matchup

Originally posted by chess bishop:garndes are very useful take that information to heart, because my goodness they are GOOD

they only have a 2 second cooldown, letting you constantly be jumpin' or harassing enemies from a range. cool, huh? enemies will be bounced up when you hit them with a grenade, making them easy to hit with MORE SHOTS. plus, your cooldown is short enough to the point where you can juggle them. it's a bad tactic if they see it coming, but hey, it's fun to pull off

Originally posted by chess bishop, again:weee zippy zoom hahooba!! this is the section where i tell you about cool things you can do to go fast

pogoing: yeah, ain't just limited to tf2. by constantly throwing grenades at your feet, you'll bounce again and again, going extremely fast. MACH SPEED, BABY.

SUPA BOOST: grenade jump while using shift. it's hard to explain the dopamine this gives you, but it lets you go really fast and chase down wusses like rooks who like to run.


possibly the easiest matchup, no matter what the pawn does, he gets screwed. gets in your face? point-blank meatheadshot. (yes that's something you didn't think you'd hear in your lifetime) stays away? grenade him. tries to stay in mid-range? you can glide, y'know. no matter what the pawn tries, they're as good as dead. not much needs to be said about this matchup.


kind of a weird one, the knight has the tools to get away from you, but due to the bow having one of the slowest projectile speeds in the game, it's awkward for the knight to actually snipe you. an awkward matchup on both sides; it just comes down to your skill. evenly matched.


i sorta forgot the knight's actual projectile speed. just take what's in the rook guide, but account for the fact that it's a projectile and not a bullet. also the knight has a dash and no grappling hook, so be mindful of that. okay anyway i'm dumb see ya


you see how i put oh no in the title there? of course you did, how could ya miss it? that's because ROOKS ARE YOUR WORST MATCHUP. however, there is still a chance you could win. be ULTRA-AGGRESSIVE, and make sure to use EVERY ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ TECH IN YOUR BOOK to keep up with the rook. if you can't catch up, make sure to glide like a maniac and harass the rook with grenades. they have severe tunnel vision and can't dodge your grenades well.


as a bishop, you're a soft counter to queen. you can grenade jump out of the way of the pieces she throws, fly up if she tries to run away, and approach at mid-range.

TIP: the first thing you'll want to do as soon as the match starts is either scatter the pieces so she has a harder time grabbing them, or just fling her off the board so she can't grab them as easy.


hard counter. kings are the second light class, pawns being the first. which means MEATHEADSHOTS ARE BACK. you can stay in the air for a long time, which is great considering you only get hit by the king's slam if you either get slammed directly (which is very unlikely if you know what you're doing) or you are both on the ground and in the radius of the AOE (which, you can get in the air rather easily)

the king's also a melee character, so.. yeah, it's just a win unless you're unskilled.


well, i don't got any tips here. really, bishop vs bishop is all dependent on your knowledge of the piece; if you're a bishop main like me, it's a cake walk. however, if you're a FILTHY ROOK MAIN or just have never tried bishop, you're gonna get absolutely crushed.

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