How to become a drifting master in FH5

How To Become A Drift Master In FH5

Step 1. Buy a Toyota Trueno for $20,000,000.

Step 2. Spend another $5,000,000 for upgrades.

Step 3. Spend $2,000,000 on customization but then mess up your upgrades in the process.

Step 4. Spend $3,500,000 on trying to get your upgrades back. But you got drag upgrades not drift.

Step 5. Then Go back into the upgrades for your Toyota and search Drift. Buy the first one that pops up for $14,000,000 (It's really expensive cause you messed it all up).

Step. 6 Go outside and drift.

There you go finally you are a GrandMaster at Drifitng. Except your Toyota Trueno was crap so you have to buy another one for $20,000,000 dollars again and start all over. :)

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