Dust Storm Safety

Overview And Preparation

Dust storms are, basically, caused by strong winds in dry, sandy areas. Dust storms only occur in the Hot Season, so no worries about them is you are not in the hot season. If you are in a hot season, dust storms only occur in the desert from the far north, assuming the top of the map is north, and stop just before the main Horizon Arena. While on the road in the desert, you can see dust storms from afar, and if a dust storm is near, everything will begin to get foggier until it hits. But if you are ever caught in one and/or can't detour around it, there are 2 main ways to stay safe!

Safety Method #1: Waiting For It To Pass

One method is to find a good place to pull over, perhaps the Horizon Baja outpost, or the quaint neighborhood near the coast. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TRAVEL TO A "SAFE" PLACE DURING A DUST STORM, instead, pull over to the side of the road if a dust storm is approaching and you can't possibly arrive at any other safe place. Turn your headlights off and keep the e-brake on. It is also recommended to turn the engine off to prevent damage to it. Also, do not leave your car and keep seat belt on. Remain calm, and once the storm passes, you may once again drive safely on the road.

Safety Method #2: Going Through The Dust Storm

If you can't possibly do safety tip #1, you will have to drive through it carefully. Once a dust storm is approaching, slow down and keep headlights on. Proceed slowly though the storm and never, for whatever reason, turn your headlights off. If you have to stop, go ahead and carefully slow down and stop, to prevent anyone else crashing into your car due to low visibility. Remain calm and keep seat belt buckled. Once the storm has passed, you may drive normally.

In Conclusion

I hope this guide keeps many people safe. The dust storms just keep on trucking all through the hot season, and many people have been affected by it. God bless those who have been affected, one way or another, and YOU should keep on having a great time at Horizon Festival, and not let those pesky dust storms stop you.

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