Fix for Steam version of the game


There seems to be a major issue when launching the game directly from Steam. When you attempt to do so, it may delete the Summer.exe file, and you'll be pulling your hair out wondering why you can't play or even reinstall the game. Apparently, when the executable disappears, it ends up in a state of limbo. Clearing out the Registry and restarting the PC doesn't fix the problem. This issue and proposed fix works for both the censored and uncensored versions. However the censored version still has some major bugs, but who's really playing that anyway?


1) DO NOT run the game from Steam. Go directly to the executable and either run if from there or create a shortcut.

2) If you've already stumbled into the trap, this is what worked for me: Download a program called "Unlocker" that can be found at: This small piece of software will allow you to make certain edits to just about any file.

3) Navigate to the directory where the Summer.exe file should be: <Library Directory>\steamapps\common\Summer~Life in the Countryside~\Summer~Life in the Countryside~

4) Create a new empty file or text file. Right-Click on the new file, and select "Unlocker" from the menu. Select "Rename" from the list, hit OK, and rename the file "Summer.exe"

5) You will be informed that you will need to restart the PC to rename the file. Accept and restart.

6) Return to the folder. The file should now be named "Summer.exe." If this is correct, delete the file. (What?) Yes, delete it. It has served it's purpose. If you've ever played Chrono Trigger, you know what I mean.

7) Start up Steam and either reinstall the game or perform a file validation. Either should work.


9) Install the patch. If you have a different directory, you will need to use the manual version. If you see the progress bars moving, it should be installing properly. You do not need to change your region.

Hopefully this helped.


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