So you want to be a Summoner

So you want to be a Summoner

Important Info Regarding Stormblood

This guide is very, very out of date with stormblood, and will not be updated, as I now play monk and samurai.

Summoner Strengths And Weaknesses

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VERY high raid utility - From being the only DPS with a Combat Raise to Eye for an Eye to Virus, Summoners have very high, if not the highest, DPS raid utility

Sustained damage - Summoners' damage is spread across Ruin, DoTs and your Pet, meaninig you are very unlikely to pull aggro off the tank

Ability to tank (although not advised) - Titan Egi can tank (though only 1 enemy at once) meaning some responsibilty can be taken off the tank if needed

Reasonable Mobility - If you can stop for the first 8 seconds and apply your DoTs, you can be fully mobile with Ruin II, although you will have to stop to reapply your DoTs


(Currently) Lowest damage on a DPS, but more than made up for by it's raid utility.

DPS is massively increased in Heavensward, so this weakness no longer applies with heavensward.

Difficult - From Pet to DoT and Aetherflow management, keeping everything you have up on yourself, your target and your pet, Summoner is far from the easiest class

MP Regen - Summoners can be put out for a while even after being Revived due to lack of very good MP regeneration, meaning DoTs or a pet must sometimes be left off to keep MP away from 0.

Key Stats

The Summoner's key stat is INT, so you'll want to get as much of this as possible and put ALL your ACN points into INT if you want to play summoner over scholar.

Your second key stat is Crit, NOT spell speed. Because of the passive that every time time your pet crits you have a 20% chance to get a spell speed buff for 10 seconds, with good enough crit you can be on an almost constant spell speed buff, meaning both are important, but Crit is preferred.

NOTE: Build spell speed after Heavensward as it now increases your DoT damage, so it is more important. Build Crit without HW.

The Basics - DoTs And Spells

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The most important thing to know as a summoner which will keep you doing as much damage as you can is that you pretty much ALWAYS need your DoTs up. These account for over half your damage, so never let them drop off. The DoTs you always want on are:

Bio II (Lvl 26)

Miasma (Lvl 10)

Bio (Lvl 2)

In that order. Under level 26, apply Miasma first, then Bio.


Your basic offensive spell will generally be Ruin, which is by far the best in MOST situations. Ruin II may seem like a better option as it is instant cast, but it drains your MP much more, and the ways of regaining it are limited. Ruin II will be used if you want to apply a spell that is off Global Cooldown, such as Spur or Rouse.

You will always want at least one Aetherflow stack up in case you need to use it near the end of Aetherflow's cooldown for reagining MP or later spreading your DoTs, try not to ever leave yourself with zero Aetherflow stacks unless Aetherflow is off cooldown.

Eye for an eye can be thrown out on the tank before boss battles in dungeons, and it is not really required at any other stage.

Miasma II and Tri-Disaster are pointless and are never used, exept for Miasma II in one boss battle. Not even needed on your hotbar.

*Tri-Disaster has been changed and is very useful in HW, Tri-Bind is now very rarely used.

Shadow flare should always be thrown out on trash mobs in dungeons or when a boss sapwns adds, as the slow is invaluable.

Aetherflow Abilities

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The 3 Aetherflow abilities are as follows, all of which consume a stack of Aetherflow. Up to 3 stacks can be active at once, when Aetherdam III trait is learned (Lvl 40):

Energy Drain (Lvl 8)

Bane (Lvl 30)

Fester (Lvl 35)

Energy Drain is only used if you are low on MP, it's damage is lacking in comparison to Fester.

Bane Spreads your DoTs to nearby targets, making it very useful on trash packs or bosses that spawn adds. Always have all 3 dots up and on long duration before using this.

Fester is an attack that increases in damage the more DoTs you have on the target, and this is very good on bosses and monsters, but only use when you have all 3 DoTs up.

Generally, you wnt to use Aetherflow stacks in relation to it's cooldown. Use one stack in the first 15 seconds on it's cooldown, then another at 30s, and the last stack when Aetherflow is off cooldown.


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The Summons accesible fall into two categories: Tank and DPS

Tank Summons are Topaz Carbuncle and later Titan Egi, and these should only be used when in solo, never in dugneons unless the tank asks for them.

DPS summons are Emerald Carbuncle, Ifrit Egi and Garuda Egi. These will ALWAYS be used in dungeons and want to be put on Obey to avoid spells being used unneccesarily (Emerald Carbuncle and Garuda's knockback attack is very annoying for melee DPS and tanks). Emerald Carbuncle should be used until Lvl 30, then Ifrit Egi and finally Garuda Egi as soon as she's available.

Garuda vs Ifrit:

Garuda is generally preferred to Ifrit, mainly for Garuda's Contagion, which extends all your DoTs by 15 seconds, which is very useful, especially on bosses. Also, Garuda is ranged whereas Ifrit is melee, so Gardua is alot less likely to die from AoEs and other abilities that enemies use. Garuda also has Aerial Slash, an AoE that is the best damaging AoE the summoner has. Almost always, use Garuda over Ifrit.

NOTE: With the buff to Iftit-egi in Heavensward, i find myself now using Ifrit on Sic over Garuda. I recommend using Garuda an Obey however before/without Heavensward.

Pet-Enhancing Abilities:

The 3 Pet-Enhacning abilities are:

Enkindle (Lvl 50)

Rouse (Lvl 42)

Spur (Lvl 45)

Enkindle uses a signature ability for your pet, and the only one this is used on really is Garuda, which gives a good AoE around the target, so use when there are many Adds.

Rosue and Spur both boost your pet's damage by 40%, and its a personal preference mostly whether to use both at once or one at once, but that's up to you.

Cross Class Abilities And Macros

Cross Class:

Only one Cross Class abilty from THM is truly useful - Swiftcast (THM, Lvl 26) which I thouroughly recommend getting. This is used in the most of the macros that are to follow.

Another 2 useful abilities are Hawk's Eye (ARC Lvl 26) and Raging Strikes (ARC Lvl 4). I recommend using raging strikes before Dreadwyrm in Heavensward as it will apply the whole way through, and try to tri-disaster to apply your DoTs under raging strikes too as every tick will be buffed.


These are not mandatory but I recommend them.

Swiftcast + Resurrection:

/micon "Resurrection"

/ac "Swiftcast" <me>


/ac "Resurrection" <t>

Summon Pet (change "Summon" to "Summon II" and "Summon III" for the different Summons):

/micon "Summon"

/ac "Swiftcast" <me>


/ac "Summon"


/pac "Obey"

DoTs (start battles with this):

/micon "Bio"

/ac "Bio II" <t>


/ac "Miasma" <t>


/ac "Bio" <t>

Notes Regarding Updating Through Heavensward

This guide will proably not get updated very much after/in Heavensward as I am switching to my main class being a monk, so this guide may not be update very much. Sorry.


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