Setup non-steam FF14 account on Steam Deck without XIVLauncher

Install GE-Proton

(you can skip this step if you already have it installed)

Switch to Desktop Mode

Open the Discover app and install ProtonUp-Qt

Start the ProtonUp-Qt app and Add the latest GE-Proton version from it

Install The Steam Version Of Final Fantasy XIV

Go to the Steam store and install Final Fintasy XIV Online

(Free Trial or buy the base version)

Once installed, click the cog icon and set the following

In General tab set LAUNCH OPTIONS to:

NOSTEAM=1 %command% In Compatibility tab pick GE-Proton version you have installed

Enable The Old Launcher To Allow Non-steam Account Login

If the game still doesn't work at this point (it should with newer versions of GE-Proton), switch the launcher to the old one.

Switch to Desktop Mode

Start the Konsole app and change the game launcher configuration by running the following command:

find /home/deck/.local/share/Steam -name "FFXIV_BOOT.cfg" -exec sed -ri 's/(Browser(Type)?\s+)[02]/\11/' {} + Return to the Gaming Mode

You should now be able to start the game and log in using your non-steam account


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