How to get over Tank Anxiety

How to get over Tank Anxiety

What Is A Tank?

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In order to get over our Tank Anxiety, we need to relearn what is a tank.

Corporate would like you to tell me the differences between these tanks.

Tank A

Tank B

Tank C

The only correct answer:

A tank comes in many different shapes and sizes but most importantly they can all Tank damage better than any other class in their respective games. Why should we be afraid? We aren't just IN the frontline we ARE the frontline. The fear is making you lose out on all your potential mental buffs!!

The mental buffs of being a tank-----------------------------------------------------

High HPGiga-Chad Mitigation useFrontline KingsYour girlfriend let's us pull ALL her mobs!-----------------------------------------------------

Symptoms Of Tank Anxiety

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include but aren't limited too.


-Inability to get hard-Completely unnecessary simping for your healer-Doesn't know what their abilities do besides the damage abilites-Watches over 500 episodes of one piece just to find out it's a mid anime at best -Very weak mob pulls that extend the dungeon time +20 additional minutes.-Doesn't use mitigation-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What is a bad tank?The universal definition of a bad tank is one that encapsulates a complete fake bravado. They want to be viewed as a good tank but their mental might as well be the last drop of toothpaste.

One that doesn't utilize their mitigation, no no, instead! They chose to replace the need to use it with the need for more healing from the healer. If this tank was good the amount of healing they'd need wouldn't be as plentiful had they just used their abilities to NEGATE DAMAGE.

All tanks have abilities that make them invulnerable to damage so as big of a layer of protection as that is, you'll still have tanks that don't use abilities like Superbolide. Instead they'll opt in to small pull with the excuse that it's for the healer. This is clearly copium from the tank, it's to hide the fact that their insecure about their true potential. Some honestly just simp for the healer. Only good healers find big pulls attractive. It's not attractive for a healer if you're spending the first 5 minutes hoping she says yes to small pulling.

When you ask if you could small pull this image should pop into your head.

The only dungeon where small pulling is acceptable. This is what separates the smart tanks from the dumb ones, It also separates bad dungeon design from good ones.

What Makes A Good Tank?

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Getting over tank anxiety might be hard but I'd like you to know that we all appreciate our tank mains. You guys help our queue times and are essential employee's teammates in every party of ff14.


-Understanding that it's okay to fail-Wiping once on a big pull is still faster than clearing a dungeon with just small pulls-Having enough game sense to know when your healer's mana is too low and using your mitigation's instead of not using any at all.-Always looking to improve the way you play so you could be the most optimal tank.-Understanding that you won't die to mobs as easily, just please turn on tank stance next time.BIG SEXY PULLS!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

With FF14 being a time consuming mmo, only the sexiest tanks know what it looks like to type "Big pulls?" in chat. your healers reaction will always be the gif below.


A big tank uses their mitigation so that the healer just needs to use their holy for fast mob clears!

We all love a strong independent tank that doesn't go limb at the sight of low health. The best and most attractive tanks shrug it off. Your healthbar has been in low places but that doesn't stop you! We know how to use our abilities.

What if I'm met with a scenario where I can only small pull and there's no other way?leave the dungeon and take the 30 minute timer

If met with no other option, your healer said "Look the trackball on my mouse is sliced in half and I'm running on 10 fps." Knowing what mobs to pull in any given situation is what makes the tank. Understand that it's okay to care about your teammates despite the technological burdens!

Embracing The Giga-Chad Inside You.

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After a long days worth of tanking, you could go to the bathroom IRL or in an RP area and smile at your beautiful mirror reflection.


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