How to fish good in ff14

Why Would You Wanna Fish?

Why would you or anyone want to fish?

To get fish

But why would you wanna get fish?

First of, if you don't think its fun, don't bother, it's not gonna make you rich or give you any advantage on other parts of the game, but it can be something enjoyable and relaxing that you can spend as much or as little time as you want in.

But also, there are many achievements related to fishing, some of them are extremely long term but they come with stuff that achievements normally come with, titles, minion and an occasional mount

Baits, Weather, Hooks And Resources

So fishing in ff14 is very RNG for what fish bites your hook, but some fish require some conditions

First thing the location, ofc not every fish is available in every location. You do have access to a fish log in game but its just going to reveal fishing spots you have some info about.

I recommend going into this website:

and equipping the versatile lure (which is a all-in-one lure) and just tag all the fishing spots (get 1 fish from each) so they will appear in your fish log in game and you know exactly where they are from now on. That website is also my favorite to know what each fish can give from desynth, you can get some interesting stuff

Second thing is the bait, The versatile lure is all-in-one lure, it can be used in all(?) fishing spots and can hook a large variety of fish, its really good for some casual fishing where u dont rly mind what you get, however changing the bait can greatly increase the chances of getting specific fishes, some require a specific bait and there almost a hundred of them, baits are supposed to be used in differnt bodies of water and different level fishing spots but there is big overlapping, thankfully people gathered the data and there are websites to aid you with that:

This is the holy grail of fishing websites, it gives you the required bait and conditions window for specific fish, also it lets you mark of the fishs you already gotten so you know what is missing:

This one (again) is best (imo) for when u want to get all the fish on a spot so you might switching baits a lot but not locatiosn

If you want to check a specific fish you might wanna search in:

Some fish are always available and some fish requires certain time windows and/or weather conditions for them to be able to be hooked, sometimes its still pretty darn rare to get a bite even if you are doing everything right but otherwise its a 0% chance.

use this website for this and tracking condition window:

Intuition: Some fish require you to get a buff, called fisher's intuition (or something like that) to have a chance of hooking it (not garanteed), its rare a fish does require intuition but they require you to meet a certain criteria to get the buff, of get "x of y fish", the duration of intuition varies, if can be jsut 15 seconds or it can be a 10 minutes long one, but its predetermined per fish, i think longer intuitions are usualy related to lower chance of biting fish, so you get more attempts, but idk maybe im just imagining things, its easy to be superstitious as a fisher.

Ocean Fishing

Ocean fishing is a different kind of fishing, depparting from west limsa every 2 hours (open for 15 minutes) it takes you different routes on diferent times of the day which affects which fish you might be able to get

I like to call this like a fishing raid, you can go in solo but you can also go in as a party and even share some successes like party achievements and points bonuses

This is the best website to track where the boat is going, bait to be used, etc:

It's worth noting that the bait used in ocean fishing (other than versatile lure) is different from the non ocean fishing, it sells right next to the boat departure point and inside the boat, but also for catching the ultra special blue fish (spectral intuition) you have to have special bait and i recommend always having those in your inventory so you dont forget and miss a great opportunity

Ocean fishing has a special event inside it called "spectral current" which hasa chance of triggering when you catch a spectral fish of each zone, dont get upset if you catch a spectral fish and it doesnt trigger the current tho, the chance can be pretty low on a full boat. this adds another layer of rng added to the time limit of ocean fishing, it can lead to some really rare condition windows to happen

Fish in the ocean are very plentiful and not particularly valuable, people go into ocean fishing, other than for fun, for achievements, there are achievements for making a certain amount of points in one ride 10k, 15k, 20k, giving a mount and titles. It has achievement for lifetime cumulative points giving a minion and title, and it has some achievements, with titles, for catching a certain number of a certain type of fish as a party, thesse can be quite hard and require some coordination (i used this discord to find parties for that: , specially having a macro to count down the bite time to make it easier to id which fish you get hooked before you pull it.

this spreadsheet has helped me so much in everything ocean fishing related specially for achievement hunting:

Tips And Tricks

I like to store my baits in my chocobo saddle, this way i always have access to them but they dont fill up my inventory, though i keep the ocean fishing ones in my inventory so i dont forget to grab them before i embark.

If you are trying to collect all the fish, going per expansion might be a good way to limit the ammount of bait you have to carry at one time.

You can prep fisher intuition before the window open, if you need to catch like 5 fish to get a fish intuition, and the fish which requires so only opens at a certain time, you can catch 4 of that fish, then use identical cast, so you know the next one will be the same and will trigger intuition, and jsut afk and let ur stamina regenerate, when the window opens or is about to open you can catch the 5th fish getting the buff. HOWEVER dont move or you will withdraw your rod and lose any fishing buffs u have

VERY IMPORTANT fishing tip is, within patience and patience II, even though the precision hooket is used to "!" and powerful hookset for "!!" and "!!!" fish, there are a LOT of big fish that you have to use the precision hookset instead of the powerful one, even though they are always "!!!" both of these websites should inform you the correct hooktset to use:

make sure to check that or it might be nearly impossible to catch some fish

I did mention on the ocean fishing, but ideally having a macro that counts down how many seconds since you last cast ur line, different fish has different bite time window and though some interlap sometimes you know for sure it is a certain fish or it isnt a certain fish, this allow you to make better decisions on when to use double/triple hook. Also if you are targeting a specific fish only and it passes its maximum bite time window then you can jsut cancel the cast and cast it again.

If you are trying to get a specific fish from a location, using surface slap on another fish, hopefully the more common ones, will decrease the possible number of fishes you can hook so increase the chance of grabbing the right fish, and even though the surface slap will only last until you get 1 more fish, if you dont hook a fish it will stay there. This bring it back to fish bit windows, specially for rare fish, they can have some really long bite times so you know when you hook it and when you dont (still should use a countdown macro), so if you dont hook the correct one, you can just not hook it and let the fish escape (it might steal you bait though so maybe avoid doing this with expensive tackles).

If all the fish seem equally common, i suggest slapping the one that take the longest to bite, so your fail casts are quicker and you can go through more in the same time.


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