Final Fantasy 100% guide simplified (Work in Progress)


What this guide is – A simple 100% guild that points out achievements and treasures with bullet-ed lists. I also touch on magic purely for a quick reference for people who do not want to spend time experimenting. My goal is to keep it as short and as concise as possible with a touch of my humor for fun. No long-drawn-out sections with heavy details and little to no spoilers.

• Each section will list the name of the area, usually the dungeon or town we should be in

• Then the level my party currently was

• Followed by the number of chests to get and the total number as a running count

What this guide isn’t – a detailed walkthrough with theory and numbers for maximum anything. Seriously, this is a simple guide to help you keep track of where you are, what you need to do, and what you must get to 100% this game. If you want a heavily detailed walkthrough with instructions like you are building furniture, then this one isn’t for you.

I am writing this guide for fun so please feel free to use it as you see fit; (semi-colon…. fancy) I do ask that you give credit where credit is due but since this is the internet, people are going to do what they want anyway. if I make a mistake or write something in correct, please feel free to post it in the comments. It’s okay I have thick skin. Honestly, if this guide helps someone or makes a couple people smile, then it served its purpose.

A couple cool upgrades in this game include a chest and item list for each unlocked area on the world map. Super handy if you are missing something later in the game.

Lastly, I am a bit of a completionist and tend to farm a little extra so I can have one of everything that I can. For the sake of this guide and the fact that you can come back to any town, I will try to keep that to a minimum but note that if you are a little lower leveled then me you are going to be fine.

Getting Started

Make a Party that you like (if you are not sure, you can’t go wrong with the default party and that is exactly what I will be using for this run).

Note that I never found much use for the thief, but I hate doubling up on the same class when there are other options. Feel free to replace him with anything else and really two warriors are way better than a warrior and thief but if pokemon has taught me anything, I have to try to catch them all.

You also really don’t need a black mage… but I mean its black mage so…. I take one

Note that the speed run record is with two warriors and two red mages on NES

I will give magic advice and try to list out the top 3 spells for each level and the “must haves” if you are only using a single red mage caster. Given my “catch them all” desires, I will be running with one white mage and one black mage so I can get all (well most of) the magics! Note that you can always replace a spell with a different one if you want but you do have to pay for it.

I will also try to point out key equipment pieces I pick up but the stats are clear in this game so generally, when you go shopping at towns just get the upgrades you can that make the most sense for your party. I prioritize damage over defense FYI. Gotta go fast. Great news – there isn’t anything missable in this game. No area gets locked to you in the entire game as far as I know. This is the only final fantasy like it and as such is the best final fantasy! Really though my completionism side loves this game for this reason. Just play, have fun, and I will point of rare or hard to find stuff. (Looking at your warmachine)

Leveling up has a random element to it so you can save scum it for better stats/results, but some stuff is guaranteed at certain levels. I will not be save scumming for this run.

Cornelia and Cornelia Castle (level 1)

Head north into the castle and talk to the king (to save a little time you can step into to town and talk to the guard blocking the exit)

Go to town and buy gear/spells for your party (The gear is straight forward and the stats clear when you are buying it so just get the best for each of your party members)

There are no chests to collect yet as the ones in the castle are behind locked doors

Level 1 Black Magic

Fire – Must have – fire damage is great on undead. Honestly 99% of my first level spell slots will be used on fire

Sleep – good

Thunder – good

Focus – Not needed – never used it so maybe there is some powerful use for this spell I don’t know about, but I doubt it

Level 1 White Magic

Cure – Must have – its your first healing spell and you will use it a lot

Blink – good (only for caster though)

Dia – not needed – does light damage to undead but I never really use it. Still if I am using a white mage I grab this one over protect

Protect – not needed – outclassed by other spells/actions

Level up to 3 around town to make starting out easier if so desired (consider 4 with a black mage for a good HP bump but I didn’t as this version of the game is already easier than the original)

Chaos Shrine first visit (level 3) – 3 chests – Total Chests = 3

Do a loop around the outside to pick up chests – Can only open the chests on the west side as the east side chests are locked for now and yet I always check for some reason.

Leather Cap – West of entrance (I put this on my thief)

Potion – NW of first floor

Tent – NW of first floor

Head to the center area for a boss fight

Garland (level 5) – Nothing special to do as this is an easy fight. I saved my white magic for healing and cast fire with the black mage

Note - After the fight you are taken back to the castle

Achievement unlocked A Hero’s Journey

Save the princess – automatic

Talk to the princess to get the key item lute

Head out and if you talk to people in the castle many will say something different after saving the princess

The Game begins (level 5)

a scene will play out of the bridge to the north being fixed

Sleep at the inn!!!! (I forgot and had my thief die later and on another definitely not related in anyway side note, make sure you go to the church before the inn if needed…)

Head north and cross the bridge for another scene/scrolling txt

Head north past the J shaped river to Matoya’s cave – you do not need to but the story expects you to and there are 3 chests. (I can’t be the only person who sees the J)

Matoya’s cave (level 5) – 3 chests – Total Chests = 6

You do not have to stop here now but there are 3 chests

Antidote – west side main chamber

Potion – west side main chamber

Potion – west side main chamber

Leave and head south until you can head east (south past the J river then east)

Achievement unlocked – apprentice Warrior

Kill 100 monsters – I had to back track to heal my dumb dead thief though so you may get this a little later. Also, I tend to re-load after checking things out as I am playing this from memory and trying to write this guide and I am not sure if the counters are persistent or tied to the save yet.

Achievement unlocked – Field Research – basic

Get 10% of the bestiary. Honestly, I have not been trying for this yet as I figure I will run into just about everything. I will point out any hard to get/rare monsters though

Note – I save my fire spells for any Ogers as they can be rough here

Pravoka (level 6) – 0 chests – total chests = 6

There is a big fight in this town so get ready first (don’t talk to the pirate)

Stay at the inn and shop

I like the broadsword over the battle axe for warriors

You can skip the iron armor and get it at the next town

Do get leather gloves as you can’t get them at the next town

Level 2 Black Magic

Blizzard – good – your only second level damage spell

Dark – not great – I take this over slow though

Temper – must have – super must have. You will be using this spell end game

Slow – not great

Level 2 White Magic

Blindna – not good – but removes blind and is better than silence

Invis – great – helps with evasion for anyone

Nulshock – great – helps with shock damage so it can be useful

Silence – Not great

Once you are ready save and head to the west side of town and talk to the pirate

Once the fight is over you get a key item ship! (also that fight was way easier than I remember)

There are really only 4 places you can go with the ship for now. (The first town, the cave just north of the first town, this town, and another town to the south)

Achievement unlocked – hidden game (ACHIEVEMENT WILL POP AFTER NEXT COMBAT)

Play the 15-puzzle game. To unlock this, I used a gamepad and held A while pressing B like 60 times. (I believe you hold enter with the keyboard and hit backspace 60ish times) However, the achievement didn’t pop for me until after I beat it 5 or 6 times and gave up until I got into a combat.

Tip on winning. Work in pairs and start with the top two rows. For example, work 1 and 2 into place in the top left, then 3 and 4. The last eight must be done at the same time so do 9, 10, 13 and 14 together. No reward for winning in this version sadly but its for the best as it was OP in the original.

Take your new ship south and then west until you can doc

From this port head south

Elfheim and Eleven Castle – (level 9) – 0 chests for now – total chests = 6

Rest and shop in the city as needed

Make sure you check the graves for a funny little joke

You are not going to be able to upgrade everything you want now without serious farming, and I wouldn’t even try to get the level 4 spells just yet. The copper armlets are nice though but you can skip the iron armor and one copper armlet as you will get them soon.

Level 3 Black Magic

Fira – Must have - fire spell

Focara – meh - decrease evasion for all enemies

Thundara – good – thunder spell

Hold – meh – hold one monster

Level 3 White Magic

Cura – Must have – like cure but better

NulBlaze – Must have – cuts fire damage in half

Heal – good – heals a little for everyone

Diara – meh – multi undead damage but not as good as fira

Level 4 Black Magic

Sleepra – Meh – puts one enemy to sleep

Haste – Must have – it works a little different in this version and doubles the number of attacks/hits

Confuse – meh – never really used my haste slots for this

Blizzara – good – ice damage to all enemies

Level 4 White Magic

Poisona – Good – cures poison but antidotes are not that expensive

Fear – meh – I have never really used it

NulFrost – Must have – cuts ice damage down

Vox – meh – cures silence but in previous versions I do not believe I have ever been silenced. Will update if that changes

Once you are done shopping head west from here then north past the mountains and keep going north to talk to the king in the Western Keep or skip that and head west and then south to the March Cave.

I do recommend having the best gear you can get and at least the fira spell plus some antidotes and one tent.

Achievement unlocked – Thrifty Spender – Obtain 10k gil

I got this while getting ready to go to the Marsh Caves

Marsh Cave – (level 12) – 15/18 chests – total chests = 21

The first real dungeon

First head north and follow the path until you go down to the next floor

On this floor use the map and go to the three rooms to get treasures

Dagger – northeast room

1190 gil! – northwest room

Potion – Southwest room

XXXX – South west room - i died here like a big dummy and will update the guide tomorrow

Achievement unlocked – Experienced warrior – defeated 300 monsters

Nothing special here

Once you have the 4 chests head back the way you came to outside and rest up. Then head back in and head south this time

(guide ends here for tonight - will update more as I have time)


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