How to set up your own Server using a third party server Hoster

The Program


This lets you exes the Server directory. We will use it to install mods faster (if you only play with 5 mods you don't need to use this program)

The Hoops You Need To Jump Through

1: Let Nitrado (your any third party Hoster) set the server up

2: Start the server

3: Stop the server

4: Install Mods with FileZilla

5: Start the server on Nitrado

6: Open the settings in the web-interface of FS22 and enable the mods (this is also the point where you would upload the mods if you don't use FileZilla)

7: Start a Solo game on the desired Map

8: Save the game and quit

9: Zip your Save file (Located in documents->my games->FS22) and Upload it to the web-interface

10: Set the uploaded Savegame as default in web-interface

11: Start the server in web-interface

12: ignore the Error Message and press F5

13: Ignore the Mods not working do to your friend downloading them from fishy third party sides

14: Play on the server

Optional: cry because the log system of FS22 is the worst ♥♥♥♥ you have ever had to endure because it doesn't help you one bit while the online forums also have not clue on what to do so you are on your own (this step can be done throughout the whole Process)

PS: Try not to play with "Friends" who have a 12GB mod Folder, it will destroy you trust me... i have experience.....


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