How to cheat money

Money Cheat

There will be two easy steps. 😁

Quick notes:

-I have no clue how Giants set up their money. You can't give yourself 32k and then have it, you'll have some other amount. Just give yourself some high ass numbers and it will work.

- In step 1, I use savegame1. However, any savegame works.

- I strongly recommend using a program like Sublime Text (my personal favorite) or Notepad++ for editing the files. Trust me, it makes things easier and cleaner.


1. Open file explorer, then go into documents / my games / FarmingSimulator22 / savegame1

Next, open the file named careerSavegame. Scroll down until you see the following:





Change the number between <money> and </money>. Remember to save!

2. While still in the path listed in step 1, open the file farms. What you want will be at the top of the page.


Remember to save your edits! Also, you must keep the quotation marks! Only edit the numbers between them.


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