How to configure your server-settings file for your Factorio server

Server.bat Server Settings Configuration

You may or may not have yet created a .bat file under \Factorio\bin\64x\server.bat

(Insctructions for creating this file can be found in YouTube)

The .bat file should contain the following:

start /wait Factorio.exe --start-server

And you are here for the errors: "No such path or file" when you've tried this:

start /wait Factorio.exe --start-server --server-settings C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Factorio\data\server-settings.json

1. The first reason here for the error is the permission problems with the program files directory.

2. The second reason here for the error is the file path and its name: Program_Files_(x86)


1. The file path should NOT be in a permission restricted directory, like the Program Files.

2. Also the file path should NOT have any SPACES in its name, like ( \Users\"My_PC"\ ) the command line wont understand the spaces.


1. Find the example file named "server-settings.example.json" under the directory:

X:\Program Files\........\Factorio\data\server-settings.example.json (game installation directory)

2. Copy the file and put it under file path: C:\Users\Public\server-settings.example.json (for example)

3. Rename the file to "server-settings.json"

4. Open the file (using Notepad++ is recommended) and input all the settings how you'll like.

"name": "MyServer",

"description": "MyDescription",

5. Input your LOGIN credentials for in the section:

"_comment_credentials": "Your login credentials. Required for games with visibility public",

"username": "MyUsername",

"password": "MyPassword",

Note! You will need the login credentials whether or not you set the server to be PUBLIC or not. Else you'll get an ERROR for Connection failure with server.


With the examples above, the input of your "server.bat" file should look like this:

start /wait Factorio.exe --start-server --server-settings C:\Users\Public\server-settings.json


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