Combatting Factorio Addiction

Realizing The Addiction

You can easily find out if you are addicted by answering the questions below. If you answer 1 or more of the questions with a "yes" you can assume you are addicted and continue on with the help guide.

Have you ever delayed daily necessities because train logic was broken and needed attention?

Do you believe that the Chinese economic system is the best in the world without ever a doubt because of it's efficient automation?(keep in mind answering no to this question will result in an immediate social credit deduction(such an efficient system))

Have you ever used any of the following words or phrases in daily casual conversation: throughput, bottleneck, efficieny, optimize, highly advanced products with medium to low-end socioeconomic outcomes for our highly valued employees.

Do you believe that bombing indiscriminantly to increase productivity is a justified means to increase effectivity and thus, is an ethical act?

Do you get sexually aroused upon seeing locomotives?

Do you hate the indigenous population?

Did you start working in a factory line to satisfy your automation addiction because your dad disallowed you to play video games on the family computer after you binge played factorio for 50 hours straight?

Have you quit the aforementioned factory line job because it could be more efficient and wasn't as optimized as your processing unit blueprint?

Taking Your Mind Off Of Factorio

Now quitting the game is quite easy, just collect your willpower and alt+f4 the game. The real problem begins after closing the game, and the rest of the guide will look at how you can clear your mind from factorio.

Take a walk, visit a park Admire the trees and how they use roots to collect water input which then goes through the trunk in mass veins bus and how it gets distributed efficiently into leaves split-off . Admire how your public transportation is highly efficient and how it works like clockwork similar to a factory.

Try making friends Now this may be difficult at first as you havent even spoken to anyone for the past 2 years because 'humans' aren't as efficient as you but there is no harm in trying.(friendly reminder to not talk about 'economics' with your newly made friends as they might not be keen on slavery.)

Use actual drugs

Start working out Since you only ate 1 min noodles for the last 2 years (because they are efficient) you've probably gained some weight, and thats not optimized for your body. start from your weakest muscles bottlenecks and work your way to the top, optimizing throughout the process. Don't forget to be efficient with your diet to maximize your gains.

What To Do If You Relapse

Let us assume after boarding a metro you couldn't help yourself and decided to fix the bottlenecks on your yellow science. Thats fine, it happens, the important part is what should you do after this. You generally have multiple options: you could be low on iron so maybe set up a new mining station, you might be struggling with electricity so throw down some solar panel blueprints, your purple science might not be fully optimized maybe check on that. What? You expected some tips on how to return to the non-optimized life? Thats some wack ♥♥♥♥. I am not even writing this anymore, I paid some chinese kid to write this as that would be the most efficient way to have this guide up. 萬歲 毛主席!!!


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