Achievement Help (ENG)

Achievement Help (ENG)


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Hello, you are Roketbond, and you read the guide to obtaining achievements! If you find a typo, want to supplement the guide (text), you have an easier way to get an achievement or achievements, or I miss something then write in the comments!

Text,which is in spoiler-read at will,ie want to get the achievement themselves completely, it is better not to read spoilers, but if you strive to get the achievement, and you do not care,yourself got it or on the tips, you can safely open spoilers!

I will supplement the manual from time to time.To see a screenshot, if it is missing, click on his part (or a large empty space), which is visible! And yet,to describe how to get each achievement as clearly as possible for each achievement will be your section.

Также есть русская версия руководства/There is also a Russian version of the guide:


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Burn 10,000 trees.

So, the condition of the achievement is clear.But I think everyone is tired of finding forests in the standard world, so you need to change the settings for generating the world.Namely:

-Set the generation to "Default" And then on the tab "Resources" in the place where the columns "Crude Oil" and "Frequency, Size, Wealth" sliders put the maximum percentage of 600%:

-Now open the "Landscape" tab then where the "Trees" and "Scale" columns meet. and then where the "Trees" and "Scale" columns meet.

Then in the place where the columns "Trees" and "Coverage" converge, scroll the slider to the maximum percentage of 600%:

Settings are ready, you can start playing! By the way, the world with these settings is convenient to use and to get the achievement

Run, Forrest, run!

Destroy 100 trees by collision.(It is necessary just on the tank to crush the trees. On the tank, because the car so likely to break about 10 crushed trees).

What to do next, I think it is clear, but if you do not understand, then tell you.Need just play to oil, and then learn the technology "Flamethrower Turrets". If the forest has burned down,and you have not received an achievement, then you just need to set fire to not burned a couple of trees.

All The Best, And Thanks For The Fish

All the best, and thanks for the fish

Launch raw fish into space with a rocket.[/b]

So, I think the description is clear.This achievement is difficult to get, because the description of the achievement is hidden.It is necessary to prepare a rocket for launch, and before launching the rocket put a fish in the satellite cell.By the way,in the cell for the satellite can be put any object.But if you put any item but not a satellite in the satellite box and launch a rocket, you don't get space research packets.

Ecologically Unclean

Ecologically unclean

Develop the technology of oil refining.

We just need to learn the technology "Oil Refining" .This achievement you will get when you pass the game.

No One Likes The Way It Smells

No one likes the way it smells

Make the beetles attack because of the pollution.

Just make a contamination, and wait until it reaches the hives of the enemies.This achievement you will get when you pass the game.

Express "Trans Factorio"

Express "Trans Factorio"

Send a train between two stations on the route length of 1 000 or more cells.

So, to get the achievement you need trains.Well here to get the achievement simply set the generation world "Rail World".And you can press the play button.Further in the game all by itself will go,ie run out of resources for the base,and you will look for them,make rail transportation,and get achievement.

You Did All Right

You did all right

To place more machines with the help of drones than manually.

So, to get this achievement in an easy way it is necessary to build a minimum of buildings manually, and it is necessary to study the technology "Construction robotics". Then you must make construction drones, put across the base drone station, put in any drone station construction drones, and in storage chests or chests passive supply put resources for construction, and put in the area of construction drones not manual buildings, and construction plans. And so until you get achievement.


Thank you for reading my manual! I tried! The text, where the changes are written, you do not need to read, made in order to be able to quickly learn about the changes.

date/month/year-number/month/year - the time for which the changes were made.

Change №1 01/11/2022-02/11/2022 :

-Changes chapter was added.

-There were 2 sentences removed from the description of the achievement "All the best, and thanks for the fish". but 1 sentence was added.

-In the chapter "Foreword" now there is a link to the Russian version of the guide.

-In the chapter "Pyromaniac" the achievement "Run, Forrest, Run" was highlighted.


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