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How To: Basics, Inventory Management, And Building

0:10 Basics (Conveyor Tips and Guide)

1:16 Advanced Splitter and Conveyor Tips

1:54 How to get Fish

2:00 Tip with Burner Miners

2:16 Hotkeys and Inventory Management

2:42 Building and General Tips (Copy, Paste, Cut, Undo, and Ghost Buildings)

3:18 How to Pick up and Drop Resources

First off, make sure to check out the visual tips built into the game; they’re mad useful! In this guide I will cover some basic tips that will save you a lot of time and frustration

This guide uses a lot of visuals found in the video so make sure to check the time stamp if the text is unclear.

Basics (Conveyor Tips and Guide) - 0:10 Video Time StampConveyors have 2 tracks so you can send two types of resources down the line. There’s a few ways to manage this:

First, Inserters only output to the far side of a track. This means that they won’t drop more resources on the near side of the conveyor even if it’s empty.

If you want to fix an output problem where one side of the conveyor is stacked and the other has nothing, just use a splitter and put one more piece to curve in the resource to balance the sides.

Now let’s say you want to keep the lanes dedicated to 2 types of resources; One way is to have 2 resources being produced on opposite sides so that the inserters use a dedicated side of the conveyor. Alternatively, you can plug in a new resource to an existing line by running a new resource into the empty side of another conveyor belt. Sometimes it won’t let you do this since the belt will curve, so be sure to put an opposing conveyor on the other side to keep it from messing up.

Note that this method is a bad idea when you’re reinforcing a resource. By connecting things resources as described above, only one side of the conveyor gets anything. Instead, use a splitter to balance the output on the other side.

Advanced Splitter and Conveyor Tips - 1:16 Video Time StampSay you want to use these double resource lines but only want the resources from one side (not both). You know an underground conveyor has a roof covering half of the square tile it occupies? Try sending the conveyors into one of these underground pieces so that the resource you need will land on the opening part. Then continue the track where you need it to be and remember that you can switch the direction of an underground conveyor by pressing R on them.

Another cool tip with the underground belts and pipes is that they can crisscross (perpendicular) without issue. However, pipes and conveyors can’t run along the same path in the same direction unless you use different coloured conveyors which requires an intricate weaving pattern. I didn’t need this in my run, but maybe you do.

How to get Fish - 1:54 Video Time StampThe last two basic tips are that fish can be harvested from the water by right clicking on them. They can be eaten to restore health and you can use one for an achievement later on.

Tip with Burner Miners - 2:00 Video Time StampFinally, early on, use burner miners to feed each other. For example, place two or more so that they output into one another. They’ll automatically fill up the fuel slot of the one it’s feeding and then all you have to do is come and take some of that saved up fuel by Holding CTRL and clicking on the building to take all it’s inventory.

Hotkeys and Inventory Management - 2:16 Video Time StampThere are a few important hotkeys and shortcuts you should learn.

Ctrl+clicking on a building to take everything it has.

If you’re in an inventory, Ctrl+click will take all of the same type of an item and if you Ctrl+click on an empty square, it will take EVERYTHING in the inventory. If you only want one stack of something, just Shift+click on it instead. And if you only want half a stack, use right click.

It’s also helpful to press the Left Alt key to put a picture of what the building or storage has on top of it.

Building and General Tips (Copy, Paste, Cut, Undo, and Ghost Buildings) - 2:42 Video Time StampOnce you get access to the hotkeys in your quick access hot bar (along the bottom of the screen), check them out. You’ll find copy (Ctrl+C), paste (Ctrl+V), cut (Ctrl+X), and even undo (Ctrl+Z).

Don’t forget pressing “R” will rotate a building whether it’s already set or if it’s being placed.

If you hold Shift while placing structures or blueprints, it will place ghosts to help line everything up. I explain robots and logistics in another video but if you have them they can automatically build these ghosted plans for you. Also, if you’re trying to place buildings but a tree or cliff is in the way, hold the shift click to ghost the building down and request the destruction of the obstacle in the way which again, your robots will try to do for you if you have everything you need like cliff explosives.

How to Pick up and Drop Resources - 3:18 Video Time StampFinally, holding “F” will pick up all the resources under your feet and pressing “Z” will drop an item at your cursor one at a time.

Check the next section in the guide for more essential tips!

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How To: Map, Biters, Armor, And Vehicles

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0:00 Helpful Tips Factorio by Uncomfortable Game Shorts (UGS)

0:13 When do Biters Attack?

0:21 Armor Build/Modules

0:34 How to use Armor

1:00 Vehicles and Fuel

1:16 Spidertron Tips

MAPPress “M” to see your map.

If you’re playing multiplayer you can ping and label this map but I mainly used it to see how much pollution I was making by clicking on pollution button.

Trees soak up pollution and since you can’t plant new ones, consider saving as many as possible.

When do Biters Attack? - 0:13 Video Time StampWhen the red cloud (on the pollution map) reaches biters, they’ll start sending waves to attack your base. Otherwise biters are passive unless you get too close.

Eventually you can equip a lot of exoskeletons for speed, and power generators to keep your shoulder mounted lasers firing. This can feel too easy but vehicles are harder to control and tend to get hit by the spitting acid.

Note that personal laser defences work while riding vehicles,

Armor Build/Modules - 0:21 Video Time StampIn order to equip things on your armor, you’ll have to right click on the picture of it in the bottom left corner. Note that if you equip a battery, you’ll see a green bar which shows the amount of power your suit currently has and you’ll have to do the math to find out what you can support based on your power source.

How to use Armor - 0:34 Video Time StampYou can CTRL + Click on equipment to easily put them on and take them off.

And if you die, you drop everything along with your body so you might consider having backup emergency equipment at base to help you retrieve your stuff if you were murdered near a hive.

Vehicles and Fuel - 1:00 Video Time StampAnything that burns will fuel your vehicles. Although I tend to use coal or better, remember that you can use wood to power a train or a vehicle in a pinch and terrain effects your speed.

The Car is wicked fast and good for exploration.

The Tank has a better variety of weapons. It can turn on the spot and bull through most obstacles which makes up for it’s slower movement speed.

Spidertron Tips - 1:16 Video Time StampThe Spidertron doesn’t need fuel since the generators you used to build it provide that. What’s cool is that it can walk over any building or obstacle and can even cross some areas blocked by water. Along with its 4 rocket launchers, it has an equipment grid so you can equip things like you would on your character and it also has access to it's own personal logistics!

Lastly, it can auto target with or without a pilot and you can make a remote control which allows you to move it around.

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How To: No Path, Trains, And Signals

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0:00 Helpful Tips Factorio by Uncomfortable Game Shorts (UGS)

0:40 Signals and Chain Signals

Make sure to watch the short video for visual to accompany the text below.

"No Path?"If you see this “No path” message, try to troubleshoot with this checklist:

-Is the train station facing the right way? Make sure to snap it to the block on the right side of the track.

-Next, is the track complete? The track piece with a square block on it will stop a train even if it looks like the track is connected before and after it.

-Finally, trains will not complete a route if you’re asking it to drive backwards. You can jump in the train and manually drive it backwards but the game won’t allow it to follow instructions unless it’s driving forward.

If space is not an obstacle, just make sure both ends of your rail system have a small loop at the end to help the train reorient down the track. Otherwise you’ll need a locomotive on both ends of your train.

Signals and Chain Signals - 0:40 Video Time StampBe aware that trains can smash into each other. You need signals to prevent this.

-Train signals can be tricky to wrap your head around.

-Signals will separate parts of a track and give you a visual indication of this. If a train travels into a segment, the light will turn red, telling all trains trying to enter this segment that they must wait until the train ahead has gone.

The difference between signals and chain signals is that the signal will change if a train is inside it’s region but a chain signal will simply mimic the signal in front of it even if there is NO train within it’s zone. And note that a chain will also mimic a series of chains in front of it.

If you find these signals a bit too confusing just run everything on their own tracks.

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How To: Robots, Roboports, Logistics, And Blueprints

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How to: Robots, Roboports, Logistics, and Blueprints

0:00 Helpful Tips Factorio by Uncomfortable Game Shorts (UGS)

0:05 Roboports and Logistics Network

0:41 Logistics Chests (Passive Provider, Storage, Requester, and Buffer)

1:34 How to use Personal Logistics Network

1:58 Blueprints

Robots were probably my favourite upgrade but you need to understand how logistics works to make the most of them.

Use the video time stamps for visual guides to help with the text below.

Roboports and Logistics Network - 0:05 Video Time StampWhen you place a Robo port, you’ll see two different boxes around it. The Yellowish box is the Logistics zone and the Green area is the building zone. That means that if you have robots at the powered roboport and if you have the required materials within th yellow zone, then the robots will build everything for you. Because of this, I found it helpful to place a yellow Logistics box beside a roboport so I could drop off materials and leave the robots to do all the work within the green square.

What’s better though is that you can connect roboports and expand your logistics network. See the dashed line that connects ports? Robots will happily flow between these ports and use any materials available within the Yellow logistics network. I connected my entire base with these things and set up so many logistics chests throughout my factory.

Logistics Chests (Passive Provider, Storage, Requester, and Buffer) - 0:41 Video Time StampMake sure to read the description of each chest type. They may appear to do the same thing but there are some nuances you’ll want to pay attention to. For example, I liked to place red chests at the end of a supply lines to collect excess resources so that my robots could have access to them.

Yellow chests were useful to place near a few roboports since if the robots were carrying goods but had their job canceled, they could just empty what they were carrying and recharge at the roboport.

Requester chests were awesome to supply a building with a material without needing to run a conveyor all the way there.

Finally Buffer chests were convenient to have as a single location to house the material you need.

Note that this red “X” in an inventory can be used to limit the size of a storage container which is useful since you don’t necessarily NEED 7 billion of a resource so there’s no need to keep your production buildings chugging along ad nauseum.

How to use Personal Logistics Network - 1:34 Video Time StampOnce you’ve unlocked Logistics you will get a middle inventory section where you can request certain materials as long as you are:

1) Inside the logistics network,

2) Have the requested items within the network and in an appropriate bin.

You can specify the amount you need by sliding this bar to the desired amount. And note the colour of the icon: Yellow means it’s en route and red means the request is impossible so check to see if you’re producing it.

Blueprints - 1:58 Video Time StampBlueprints can be useful and save you a lot of time. When you create one, it’ll actually sit in your inventory like an item. Try turning blueprints into a book which can hold multiple blueprints. And what’s better is that you can create copies of the books and leave them in your base so that you don’t lose all your hard work if you die and can’t retrieve your dead body.

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