Extracting the songs from the digital Soundtrack


- The Deluxe Edition of the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection

- kvs-tools[github.com] to extract the archives

- kvs2ogg[dl.deiyu-studio.net] to convert the files and make them readable for most players

- You'll also be needing WinRAR, or any other similar software to open .zip files. You can get WinRAR here[www.win-rar.com] .

The Procedure

First and foremost download both the kvs2ogg and kvs-tools 0.1 tools and put them somewhere handy, because you'll be needing them soon.

Download the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection Digital Artbook & Soundtrack. It is listed as a separate game within your steam library.

Next, open the kvs_tools.zip and extract the kvs_extract.exe somewhere reachable and with a decent amount of free storage. You won't be needing the kvs_archive.exe, this one is actually for putting songs back together into an archive.

Now locate your steam directory where you installed the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection Artbook & Soundtrack. On default, this should be somewhere like XYZ://Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/NINJA GAIDEN Master Collection Digital Art Book & Soundtrack

Within this folder you navigate to Data/x64/Sound

And here you have a file titled "bgm.ktsl2stbin". If your file extensions are disabled by Windows, just pick the file that's roughly sized 704 mb.

Now you want to drag and drop the bgm.ktsl2stbin file into the kvs_extract.exe, which will open and run a command window for a few seconds and create a folder in its directory called "out".

This "out" folder now contains every single piece of music from all games. However, you cannot listen to them yet, as they are all .kvs files and your music player won't know how to deal with those.

So, now you want to open the previously downloaded kvs2ogg tool and extract all of its contents anywhere.

Next up, run the kvs2oggd.exe you just extracted, click on "Tool", then "kvs Search". This should open another window. From there you click on the "Browse" button and locate the "out" folder where you previously extracted all the audio files. Now click "Search".

The window will not list all the songs within that folder. Now you right click anywhere on that window, click "All Convert" and then "Convert". Another window will open asking you where to save the converted audio files. You may also choose to convert them into uncompressed .wav files, please consider however that the entirety of those 188 songs will amount to roughly 3,5gb. .ogg files are compressed and will take up alot less space.

Now simply create yet another folder, save all songs there and enjoy the music!

Please note that this procedure will take a few minutes and the window might actually appear to be not responding, however just let it do its magic. It will close itself automatically once it's finished.


Hairo for his kvs extractor & archive tool

The creators of the kvs2ogg converter

Koei Tecmo for their brilliant work on these titles.

This Guide from which i took most info compressed here.

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