Eternal Dreamers - Guide

Eternal Dreamers - Guide


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Choose your Avatar (for reference I will use Avatar B Type D with my name).

During the skipable intro you have no entry to the menu.

Only automatic saving available (so choose wisely).

Advent Headquarters of the Coma DimensionTalk to the staff and follow Alexandra.

To use the Memorial you need to finish the "Player's Trial" and you can't enter the mall.

Talk to Alexandra to the south (notice the terminal next to her).

Your party members are Marlon (someone is waiting for him), Reiketsu (seems a bit older than you), Forest (has something against you) and Monolith (a shy young neet).

Remember that you came from the military and have set the contition to set your country free from Advent.

Battle Tutorial (skipable) with Marlon (recommended): Let Marlon use the Multislash Lv.1 Book via items and use it!

Follow the commands like Focus, healing, Gauge and White Ablities.

You unlock the Forest, Terminal,Mall and Menu.

At the Terminal you can change your party members, as only 4 can participate.

After the mission meet the head scientist at the bridge.

Quick Teleport TutorialYou will find a Player Guide at the Terminal which will explain what you have learnt so far and a bit more.

Choose Receive Gift at the Terminal to obtain 10x Socket Carbon and 100x Goddess Fragment (you see them in the currency part of the menu).

With each update a new gift might appear.

Like a Fire Spirit Egg (21.08.2021)

Daily Present since the update of 02.09.2021. It will gift better items after finishing the 5th Main Quest Area.

Before you start, talk to the other NPCs/party members.

MallThe infodesk tells you what shop (etc) you can find where.

Currently only the Medical Bay, the Shops, Indoor Garden and Cafeteria (update 09/2021) are open.

Talk to the Advent Bookworm to obtain 5x Ability Fragment.

The item shop will sell EXP Charms once you have enough Energy.

Buy a Ability Book for one of your party members.

Talk to the Advent Romantic to learn about "Coaching" and obtain 5x Sympathy Crystal S.

Go near the door to the Beauty Saloon to witness a scene with Reiketsu.

Entry to named Saloon is 1000x Energy.

In there you can change your Player Avatar and name and find the Fashion DLCs.

Once you are prepared, enter the Teleporter next to the Terminal.

Daily Present

Things you can obtain after the 5th Main Quest Area:

This will be changed at random from the developer...

Currently you can obtain 5x Daily Pull Ticket.

You can choose 5 questionmarks in the Daily Pull Section.

Coaching (without DLC-Characters)

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Coaching Room (1st time)Press X to return to the former choices.

Gifts can be stored until 999 (?) each type.

MarlonGoal: Steadfeast Guardian Lv. 1

Gift:Sympathy Crystal S: +8%

Sympathy Crystal M: +16%

Sympathy Crystal L: +24%

Basketball: +8%

Sneakers: +16%

Surfboard: +24%

ForestGoal: Iron Resolve Lv. 1

Gift:Sympathy Crystal S: +8%

Sympathy Crystal M: +16%

Sympathy Crystal L: +24%

Coconut Rice Pudding: +8%

Chicken Yassa: +16%

Thieboudienne: +24%

ReiketsuGoal: Path of the Ninja Lv. 1

Gift:Sympathy Crystal S: +8%

Sympathy Crystal M: +16%

Sympathy Crystal L: +24%

Lipstick: +8%

Makeup Set: +16%

Perfume: +24%

MonolithGoal: Deep Void Lv. 1

Gift: Sympathy Crystal S: +8%

Sympathy Crystal M: +16%

Sympathy Crystal L: +24%

Lexikon: +8%

Atlas: +16%

Encyclopedia: +24%

Some Gifts can be bought for money at the gift shop at random.

Upgrading the Gift Shop to max will increase the numbers of gifts available (5x Bronze, 3x Silver, 2x Gold).

Remember to level up the goals when sympathy has reached 100%.

Also you will unlock Achievements once a character reaches level 10/30/50 (normal levels).

Level Cap is 50.

Coaching (DLC-Characters)

After you have bought the DLC-Characters, you can "awaken" them in the laboratory of the bridge.

You will also witness some extra scenes per character.

Like in front of the laboratory, the casino,

You will get the Achievements for them once you enter the outdoor garden.

I will only list those gifts here, that are bought from the gift shop. For the Sympathy Crystals see above.

SakiaGoal: Battery Charge

Gifts: Secret File #1: +8%

Secret File #2: +16%

Secret File #3: +24%

NatsumeGoal: Twitchy Finger

Gifts: Beer: +8%

Rum: +16%

Whisky: +24%

AnnaGoal: Raging Berserker

Gifts: Percussor: +8%

Syringe: +16%

Stethoscope: +24%

FaerisGoal: Nature's Blessing

Gifts: Seeds: +8%

Shovel: +16%

Watering Pot: +24%

SylfieGoal: ?

Gifts: AAA: +8%

Battery: +16%

Small Generator: +24%

ShirA.I.Watch her performance in the Medical Bay to unlock after you have "downloaded" her free DLC.

You cannot coach her.


Quote from the Developer:

Challenge Maid Sakia to a battle of service! Can you prove you have what it takes to bring a smile to your hungry customers’ faces?

How to serve customers:Talk to a customer with a zZzz sign to receive their order

Orders will only be stated once

A customer with an order-in-progress is marked with a speech bubble

If you fail to serve a customer, they’ll get angry and relinquish their original order

After a successful or failed order, the customer will have another one ready after 5 secondsHow to handle meals:The four cooks in the center always work hard! If you grab their prepped meal, they will have another random one ready after roughly 8 seconds!

Failing an order does not use up the meal, only serving one successfully does

You can carry only one meal at a time. Picking up a new meal means the old one is lostHow time works:A round starts at 1 minute

Serving a customer adds 9 seconds

Collecting the blue flame that occasionally appears adds 10 secondsHow rewards are handled:Every customer served increases your tip payout by 30 energy

Your score will determine what additional rewards you have a chance of obtaining the "Maid Uniform" (10 th Tier Cloak) and Maid/Service Sockets (normal: +1ATK/DEF, + +2ATK/DEF, ++ +3ATK/DEF +1Speed).

Your highscore can be checked anytime by talking to Sakia

Main Quest Area 1 "Forest"

The Queen BeeYou will be thrown in battle with 4 rounds.

Monsters: Bee x5, Fairy x2

In the last round you will encounter one of 2 bosses.

You will obtain Tier 2 Weapons, Guard Armor and Lv. 1 Abitliy Books as well as other drops. Socket++ are rare.

Boss Hornet Captain: Use Multistrike to get rid of the bees.

Watch your HP (orange gauge) as the Captain can on-hit a party member.

Only Monolith can "revive" a party member, so best use your only Reviver on him.

Boss Queen Hornet: Stronger variant.

Note: the variant bosses will drop Goddess Fragements.

Advent HeadquartersEnter the bridge (see mall) and before you talk to Eurecta in the farthest west corridor, explore.

At the "mirror" you will meet the Black Market Dealer (you need special crystals to shop).

You need to buy the DLCs to awaken the currently 4 characters in the lab (Sakia, Natsume, Anna and Faeris).

You don't need them or the Fashion DLC to finish the game and they have no extra content.

Talk to Ramiro and he will sell you Sockets for Socket Fragments and Reconfigurators (wait for those until late game).

Reconfigurer will shuffle your sockets when used on an equipment, so you can hope for better sockets.

Using those Reconfigurers seems tempting, but wait until you have found rare gear.

You can repeat already finished quests for grinding and obtaining better gear/fragments or fighting stronger bosses.

The AlphaYou will be thrown in battle with 5 rounds.

Monsters: Fairy x2, Wolf x5, Hornet

Boss Alpha Shredd: inflict negative status ailments like burn or poison.

Boss Omega Shredd: stronger variant.

You will unlock the Quest Type "Player's Trial".

Dual-Axe GiantYou will be thrown in battle with 6 rounds.

Monsters: Bee x2, Fairy x3, Wolf x5, Hornet x3

Boss Minosta: Rescue Mimi but beware its AoE!

Boss Ancient Minosta: a stronger version of Minosta.

You will unlock the Excavation in the Mall (upstairs, indoor garden).

Forest KingYou will be thrown in battle with 7 rounds.

Monsters: Fairy x4, Wolf x5, Hornet x4

In round 4 you will encounter the Captain Hornet or Queen Hornet.

Boss Forest King: Depending on your level it shouldn't be a problem. But beware of Silence.

Boss Forest God: Stronger variant.

You unlock an Achievement.

Talk to Alexandra at the brigg.

You will obtain a Precious Memory.

You unlock the Main Quest Area "Mountain", the Casino and can find more things.

Weapons And Armors

WeaponsWeapons will drop with increasing Tier from the mobs in the main quest areas.

They will be normal, swift (+speed), vital (+maxHP), vicious (+ATK) and supreme (+maxHP, +speed, +ATK)

You can upgrade your weapon shop later.

Rare Tier (purple) can be bought at the black market dealer and exchanged by Eucreta.

They are also new cathegories: True (+maxHP, +ATK, +Speed, +AP Regen).

Tier 9 Weapons are already rare weapons and can be bought for 20.000 Energy each (Weapon Shop upgrade max). But those have no extra effect and don't give Goddess Fragments when recycling.

Currently you can buy/obtain 3x Tier 10 per class and 2x Tier 11 weapons.

You can recycle weak weapons (100 weapons can be stocked).

You can amplify your weapons permamently (see player guide at the Terminal).

ArmorsArmors will drop with increasing Tier from the mobs in the main quest areas.

Your goal is to collect gear with more golden>silver>bronze slots.

Slots can be socket with sockets that drops in all main quest areas and be bought from Ramiel at the bridge.

You can recycle weak armors (100 armors & spirits can be stocked) and sockets (no cap?).

You can amplify your armor permamently (see player guide at the Terminal).

You can upgrade your armor shop later.

You can exchange a rare grade armor at the casino.

Ultimate Tier Armors are already rare armors and can be bought for 20.000 Energy each (Armor Shop upgrade max). But those have no extra effect and don't give Goddess Fragments when recycling.

Currently you can obtain/buy 2x Tier 10 Armor and Vests and 3x Tier 10 Cloak as well as 1x Tier 11 per type.

Consumable ItemsYou can keep max. 99 consumeable items of each type except Revivers (10 each) and EXP Charms (999).

Reload the game if nothing happens when using them!!!

Hidden/Bonus Quest

Eternal Dreamers - Guide image 175

Don't miss them!!!

Those hidden quests will grant you high EXP, strong Amplifier, Sympathy Crystals and Infection Fragments (for the black market) and are totally random.

But you can increase the chance and the number of spirits by upgrading the facility later (priority before buying from the back market dealer).

3 Spirits x 3 rounds (after upgrade).

Spirits may appear randomly in the main quest area.

Player's Trial

Eternal Dreamers - Guide image 182

You can choose when to challenge this (perhaps fight the Alpha some time more...).

Also have perhaps a better weapon for each and gear with gold and silver slots.

Also learn all available skills (either via drop or buy them) and learn some passives via Coaching.

Boss YOU (the Player)! You will inflict Marks (see terminal), Freeze and are accompanied by 2 robots. Use all your buffs, debuffs and AoE skills.

Congratulation, you are now a party member, unlock an Achievement and made a Precious Memory.

Now you can use the Precious Memory at the Memorial to upgrade one of the Player's skills.


Found at the indoor garden of the Mall after your 3rd Main Quest.

Talk to Mimi to beginn.

Depth 1You obtain 5x Pickaxe and can buy more from Mimi.

Blue Orbs will grant you more time (best run in a circle).

Mine as many rocks you can.

Practice at the special rock first (Timer stops when mining)

Talk to Mimi to leave.

Materials to mine: 14

To upgrade your facilities, talk to Alexandra at the comms (the building you have started).

You will unlock up to 3 Achievements for upgrading your facilities.

Depth 2Better Minerals but Monsters (they walk on given paths, so avoid them!

Mimi will sell Good Pickaxe.

The minerals now need 6 entries to mine.

Minerals to mine: 14

Depth 3Mimi will sell Great Pickaxe.

Better Minerals but more blockes and monsters.

Minerals to mine: 14

Depth 4You will get Special Pickaxes from the Casino or the high rank Spirit Hunt "Mister Bo".

The best minerals but the most difficult parcours.

Minerals to mine: 14

Note: For the final facility-upgrades (all shops) you will only need the rare materials, so you can sell all the others then.

Especially the final upgrade of the Item Shop will unlock the Reviver buy option.

Main Quest Area 2 "Mountains"

Advent HQFind the Light Spirit (in order) and obtain a Precious Memory:

Tree next to brigg

Medical Bay

Next to Weapon Shop

Brigg, right room

Casino, slot machines

Indoor GardenLight Spirits are the only AoE Healers apart from Faeris (DLC).

Tundra Blade4 Rounds.

Monsters: Cockatrice x5, Sorcerer

From hear on you will get Tier 3 weapons as drops.

Boss Frostblade: weak to fire.

Boss Glacierblade: stronger variant.

Frost Giant5 Rounds.

Monsters: Cockatrice x6, Sorcerer x4

Boss Yeti: weak to fire.

Boss Yotee: stronger variant.

High Priest6 Rounds.

Monsters: Priest x3, Wizard x3, Sorcerer x3, Cockatrice

Boss High Priest: Weak to darkness. Time to put your AoE skills to use again to defeat the Wizards.

Boss High Priestess: the female variant.

Occult Leaders7 Rounds.

Monsters: Cockatrice x4, Wizard, Sorcerer x3, Priest x2

At round 4 you have to beat the Frostblade or Glacierblade again.

Boss Zanasu & Ephalia: Zanasu is weak to darkness and Ephalia to light. Be careful on when to summon your spirit!

This boss battle has no rare variant.

You unlock an Achievement and are requested to talk to Alexandra.

You obtain a Precious Memory and unlock the Main Quest Area "City".

Depth 2 has been unlocked (Excavation) as well as the Quest Type "Spirit Hunt".


You need to buy Play Token at the Exchanger's.

Note the Half Revivers and King New Clothes!

The Special Pickaxe is an item that you will get from the high rank spirit hunt - so don't waste your Token on those.

For most of the game your only Reviver source apart from boss drops and gifts until you upgrade the Item Shop to max.

The cap for Half Revivers is 10.

The new Half Revivers are not as (cost) effective as the full ones, but better than nothing.

SlotThey have 1x (maximal 3 Token), 10x (maximal 30 Token) and 100x payout (maximal 300 Token).

The lower 3 slot machines are 1x, the 2 middle ones 10x and the upper one 100x.

MatchupTurn 3 Cards and when they match, you win.

RouletteYou can bet Straight (highest risk), Neighbor and half (lowest risk)

Treasure HuntYou have only a 33% Chance to defeat the monster...

MealWill increase chosen stat for 20 battles.

MusicChanges the music.

Digital Training Grounds

Unlocked after beating the first Main Story Area.

Found on the bridge, turn right and talk to Sylfie.

Right next to it is another Terminal.

You won't get EXP or Energy but a special reward.

Currently 10 Trainings available.

For the weaknesses of the bosses pleace look into the area guides.

Training #1Hornet Captain + 2 Hornets: Immune to poison.

Reward: 5x Weapon Amplifier

Training #2Minosta + 2 Wolves: Immune to slow.

Reward: 5x Armor Amplifier

Training #3Forest King + 2 Cockatrices: no immunities

Reward: 10x Socket Carbon

Training #4Yeti + 2 Sorcerers: no immunities

Reward: 10x Sympathy Crystal M

Training #5Player and Marlon: no immunities

Rewards: 10x Reconfigurators

Training #6Frostblade + 2 Priests: no immunities

Reward: 5x Strong Weapon Amplifier

Training #7Alpha Shredd + 2 Slimes: no immunities

Reward: 5x Strong Armor Amplifier

Training #8Fire Spirit + 2 Zombie Thiefs: Immune to fire.

Reward: 20x Socket Carbon

Training #9Ooze + 2 Fairies: Immune to poison.

Reward: 10x Sympathy Crystal L

Training #10Reiketsu and Monolith: no immunities

Reward: Precious Memory

Main Quest Area 3 "City"

Advent HQYou can exchange your rewards from the Spirit Hunt by Zanasu.

At the shops meet a Staff member and count the flowers (Red = 18, Blue = 12, White = 32 ) of the outdoor garden for her to obtain 5x Sympathy Crystal L and Precious Memory.

Transforming Slime4 rounds.

Monsters: Slime x4, Zombie Pupil x3

From now on the mobs will drop Brave Tier Armor and 4th Tier Weapons.

Boss Ooze: weak to light, lightning.

Boos Uuze: stronger variant.

Spirit of Vengeance5 rounds.

Monsters: Zombie Pupil x2, Zombie Thief x3, Zombie Woman x2, Slime

Boss Vengeful Spirit: weak to light and can even use the same skills as Monolith.

Boss Wander Spirit: stronger variant.

Spearhead of Violence6 rounds.

Monsters: Zombie Thief x3, Slime x2, Imp x4, Zombie Woman x2, Zombie Pupil x2

Boss Obliterator: weak to light.

Boss Obliteratus: stronger variant.

Monarch of Darkness7 rounds.

Monsters: Imp x3, Zombie Woman x3, Zombie Thief x3, Zombie Pupil x2, Slime x2

In round 4 you will encounter Ooze/Uuze again.

From now on there is a low chance to obtain rare weapons and armor drops.

Boss Assault Leader: weak to light, might drop the "Alive Record".

Boss Assault Imperator: stronger variant, might drop the "Quickscope".

You unlock an Achievement and are requested to return to Alexandra.

You obtain a Precious Memory and unlock the Main Quest Area "Crater".

Spirit Hunt

You need the Spirit Fragments to summon spirits of 6 elements.

The more fragments you exchange the higher the rank of the summoned spirit

So start with the lowest rank spirits!

Mid Rank recommended level: 25

High Rank recommended level: 35

Fire <=> Ice

Lightning <=> Earth

Light <=> Dark

Low rank spirits will heal 400 HP per turn (600 HP mid rank, 900 high rank).

Mister Bo is a random special spirit and will drop all elements (1xn per rank), Good Pickaxe (low rank), Great Pickaxe (mid rank), Special Pickaxe (high rank) and Sympathy Crystals.

But look at the resistences shown at the top - his resistances change with the elemental location!

The Spirits will drop Elements (5xn per rank) and Sympathy Crystals S, M and L depending on the rank.

The Elements can be exchanged later by Zanaso for Spirit Eggs and to strenghten the hatched spirits.

NOTE: If nothing happens when hatching an Spirit Egg, close your game immediately - that is a known bug.

Hatch one egg at the time and wait until you read the hatched message before you hatch the next egg.

Spirits to hatch:

Angry Fire/Ice/Lightning/Earth/Light/Dark Spirit

Timid Fire/Ice/Lightning/Earth/Light/Dark Spirit

Nimble Fire/Ice/Lightning/Earth/Light/Dark Spirit

Sturdy Fire/Ice/Lightning/Earth/Light/Dark Spirit

Gracious Fire/Ice/Lightning/Earth/Light/Dark Spirit

Wicked Fire/Ice/Lightning/Earth/Light/Dark Spirit


Fire Spirit: Increases ATK of party for 2 turns. (Elemental Strike: Ablaze)

Ice Spirit: Increased AP regeneration of party for 2 turns. (Elemental Strike: Frozen)

Lightning Spirit: attempts to shock all enemies for 2 turns. (Elemental Strike: Shocked)

Earth Spirit: attempts to slow all enemies for 2 turns. (Elemental Strike: Slow)

Light Spirit: heals the HP and negative status of party. (Elemental Strike: Silence)

Dark Spirit: debuffs ATK and DEF of one enemy for 2 turns. (Elemental Strike: Poison)

Depending on the mood the spirits increase different stats.

Depending on the Element you can apply negative status effects (see brackets) with Elemental Strike.

With luck you will hatch rare spirits (purple).

My rare spirits:

Angry Fire/Ice/Light Spirit

Timid Lightning Spirit

Nimble Earth/Light Spirit

Sturdy Fire/Light Spirit

Gracious Fire/Ice/Dark Spirit

Wicked Ice/Earth/Light/Dark Spirit

Recycling Elemental Spirits will grant you 2x Great Elements (but check that you only recycle the weaker ones).

You can only store 100 Spirits.

Main Quest Area 4 "Crater"

Advent HQTalk to Eucreta on the bridge to unlock the Quest Type "Tower".

Eucreta will exchange your Tower rewards for weapons etc.

Queen of Snakes4 rounds.

Monsters: Snake x4, Man-Eater-Plant x2

From now on you obtain better materials and LV 2 Ability Books.

Boss Strangler: weak to thunder.

Boss Sparkle Strangler: stronger variant.

Volcanic Plants5 rounds.

Monsters: Man-Eater-Plant x5, Fire Sprite x2, Snake

Boss Tyraplant: weak to ice.

Boss Tyrabloomer: stronger variant.

Giant Enemy Scorpion6 rounds.

Monsters: Snake x2, Bat, Man-Eater-Plant x2, Ice Scorpion, Fire Sprite x3

Get rid of the Ice Scorpions ASAP!

Boss Gias Scorpio: weak to fire.

Boss Golden Scorpio: stronger variant.

Last of the Dragons7 rounds.

Monsters: Bat x3, Man-Eater-Plant x2, Snake x2, Ice Scorpion x5, Fire Sprite

In round 4 you will encounter the Tyraplant/Tyrabloomer again.

Boss Dragon: weak to ice.

Boss Decaying Dragon: stronger variant.

You unlock an Achievement and are requested to talk to Alexandra.

You obtain a Precious Memory, unlock the Main Quest Area "Depths", the Side Quest "Player Trial EX" (update 09/2021) and Depth 3 (Excavation).


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Eternal Dreamers - Guide image 375
Eternal Dreamers - Guide image 376
Eternal Dreamers - Guide image 377
Eternal Dreamers - Guide image 378

This Tower has 40 floors.

So it is similar to the arena battles of Final Fantasy VII.

I recommend equipping Light Spirits to each party member, a high level and rare tier gear.

You will be able to use 15 T-Healer I, 10 T-Healer II, 10 T-Healer III, 5 T-Curer and 2 T-Reviver.

There is a chance that those will be restocked after certain Boss Battles.

Normal Bosses will drop Spirit Fragments.

There is a chance to encounter a Variant Boss (Grand) and those will drop Goddess Fragments.

Rec. Party without DLC: Player, Marlon, Forest and Reiketsu.

Forest should wear his Galvanize with 100% Hit Rate to heal the party for 50 HP per successful strike!

Rec. Party with DLC (from the dev): Player, Anna, Sakia and Natsume.

Sakia and Natsume can softlock their enemy.

Anna should wear the Thornmail and taunt the enemies, so that they will damage themselves when attacking Anna.

Natsume should have maxed out her passive.

Why not Monolith or Faeris?

Monolith is slower and only his AoE has a high damage output. Only his one time revive is a profit.

Faeris Holy Veil might heal 10% per turn but then has be active each round to be helpful and she is really slow.

SEs = Status Effects

(Mostly) Negative Conditions (Choice will affect the points):

-25% ATK Power

-30% ATK Power

-35% ATK Power

-40% Heal Effect

-50% Heal Effect

-60% Heal Effect

Party Resists Debuffs

Party Resists SEs

+25% Damage Taken

+35% Damage Taken

-5 HP per turn

-10 HP per turn

-15 HP per turn

Gauge Abilities Disabled

Enemies Resist Debuffs

Enemies Resist Afflictions (weak spot and marks are still possible)

White Abilities Disabled

Orange Abilities Disabled

Death in Three Turns (never choose this in a boss battle!!!)

Floor: 2 Tower Robots

Floor: Tower Robot and Executor

Floor: 2 Tower Robots

Floor: Tower Robot and Executor

Floor: Executor Boss or Grand Executor Boss

Floor: 2 Executors

Floor: Tower Robot and Executor

Floor: 2 Tower Robots

Floor: 3 Tower Robots

Floor: Hunter Boss or Grand Hunter Boss + T-Healing Items will be restocked after the battle.

Floor: Hunter and Executor

Floor: 2 Hunters

Floor: Tower Robot and Hunter

Floor: Tower Robot and Executor

Floor: Attilias Boss or Grand Attilas Boss and 2 Hunters

Floor: 2 Tower Robots

Floor: Hunter and Executor

Floor: Hunter and Tower Robot

Floor: Executor and Tower Robot

Floor: (Grand) Gravedigger-34 (best chose to restore your health). T-Healing Items will be restocked after the battle.

Floor: 2 Tower Worms

Floor: Tower Fairy and Tower Hornet

Floor: Tower Worm and Tower Snake

Floor: Tower Fairy and Tower Bat

Floor: Neu Shredd Boss (is first a normal Tower Wolf) and Tower Worm

Floor: Tower Fairy and Tower Wolf

Floor: Tower Fairy and Tower Hornet

Floor: 2 Tower Worms

Floor: Tower Fairy and Tower Wolf

Floor: (Grand) Neu Plant Boss (is first a normal Tower Plant) and Tower Wolf. T-Healing Items will be restocked after battle.

Floor: 2 Tower Fairies

Floor: Tower Hornet and Tower Worm

Floor: Tower Fairy and Tower Wolf

Floor: 2 Tower Hornets

Floor: (Grand) Neu Plant Boss and Tower Worm (might be changed in the future)

Floor: Tower Bat and Tower Snake

Floor: Tower Worm and Tower Plant

Floor: 2 Tower Bats

Floor: Tower Snake and Tower Plant

Floor: (Grand) M1-Nolith Boss. Drops a Mutagen Piece and random loot.

Note: Mutagen Pieces can be exchanged by Eucreta.

You will gain over 40.000 EXP and over 4.800 Energy for successfully climbing the tower.

You will obtain a Precious Memory for you first victory over Gravedigger and M1-Nolith each as well unlock an Achievement.

Main Quest Area 5 "Depths"

Twisted Rebirth5 rounds.

Monsters: Dark Flame Soul x2, Spider x3, Dark Slime

In round 3 you will encounter the Infected Yeti. Weak to light.

The difficulty has brought you a new spike even for a level 30+ party.

From now on you will obtain Grand Tier Armor and Tier 5 Weapons.

Boss Infected Minosta: weak to light.

There are no variants in the Depths!

Fallen Angel6 rounds.

Monsters: Dark Flame Soul x3, Spider x5, Dark Slime x4

Boss Corrupted Guardian: weak to dark

Deity of Death7 rounds.

Monsters: Dark Flame Soul x5, Spider x4, Dark Slime x4

In round 4 you will encounter another Infected Yeti.

Boss Goddes of Rebirth Entropia: weak to light in the 1st phase. In the 2nd phase weak to dark. Don't underestimate her as she can debuff the whole party.

You unlock an Achievement and are requested by Alexandra to come to the Medical Bay.

Read the patient info... (only this chance)

Meet Eucreta in the former closed room of the bridge.

You obtain a Precious Memory and unlock the Main Quest Area "Beach".

Entropia calls you.

Player's Trial EX

ConditionPlayer Trial completed and Player not in the active party.

Boss Player: She will summon Zanasu and Ephalia for help. Remember that Zanasu can heal and is weak to dark and Ephalia is weak to light. Defeat Zanasu first and then Ephalia. Beware the level 2 Marks of the Player. Cast your AoE-skills to deal massive damage until the reinforements are defeated. Then the Player will cast enraged.

You will obtain a Precious Memory and unlock an Achievement.

Main Quest Area 6 "Beach"

Advent HQVisit Entropia in the last room of the bridge.

See next chapter for her rewards.

Crabby Hitter4 rounds.

Monsters: Piranha x3, Crab x3, Jellyfish x3

From now on you will obtain Metal Grade Armor.

Boss Crabor: weak to fire

Boss Crabolite: stronger variant

The Sharkening5 rounds.

Monsters: Jellyfish, Sahuagin x5, Piranha x3, Crab x3

Boss Sharker: weak to fire.

Boss Jawser: stronger variant.

Sea Shackler6 rounds.

Monsters: Mermaid x3, Crab x4, Jellyfish x4, Piranha x2, Sahuagin x3

Boss Krakend: weak to fire and can freeze you.

Boss Kradoom: stronger variant.

Warden of the Sea7 rounds.

Monsters: Jellyfish x3, Piranha x2, Mermaid x4, Crab x3, Sahuagin x3

The Mermaids can heal, so beat them ASAP.

In round 4 you encounter Crabor/Crabolite again.

Boss Sin Erasia: weak to fire and can counter your attacks.

Boss Phi Erasia: stronger variant.

You unlock an Achievement, the Main Quest Area "Wilds", Depth 4 (Excavation) obtain a Precious Memory,

Entropia's Gifts

Give her 100 Goddess Fragments to obtain (random)

Seraph's Rod.

Blue Bird



Alive Record


Soul Librium



Cat Claw

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How to obtain Goddess Fragments?Defeat Variant Bosses.

Recycle Tier 10 -12 Weapons/Armor. Please confirm to only reclycle the weaker ones.

You will obtain between 40-110 Goddess Fragments for recycling.

All those weapons/armors can be obtained via rare drops or partly at the black market dealer.

Main Quest Area 7 "Wilds"

Winged Screecher4 rounds.

Monsters: Rat/Water Pig x3, Goblin x3, Unicorn x3

Take out the goblins ASAP and then the fairies later and the Unicorns (in this order).

From now on you will obtain the golden Materials, Lv 3 Ability Books, Hyper Type Armor and Tier 6 weapons.

Boss Harpirosa: Strikes and raises its defense.

Boss Harpizur: stronger variant

Horned Speedster5 rounds.

Monsters: Wild Fairy x4, Rat/Water Pig x3, Goblin x4, Unicorn

Boss Pferdina: worse than the unicorns and still attacks the party with frozen.

Boss Pferdina: stronger variant.

Plains Knight6 rounds.

Monsters: Harpy x4, Rat/Water Pig x3, Unicorn x3, Wild Fairy x3, Goblin x2

Boss Gangryphon: slows you down and weak to thunder.

Boss Shangryphon: stronger variant.

One-Eyed Tyrant7 rounds.

Monsters: Unicorn x4, Goblin x4, Rat/Water Pig x3, Wild Fairy x2, Harpy x2

In round 4 you will encounter the Harpirosa/Harpizur again.

Boss En Regius: He uses Lv 4 skills and counter! Weak to thunder.

Boss Mi Regius: stronger variant.

You unlock an Achievement, Main Quest Area "Desert and obtain a Precious Memory.

Main Quest Area 8 "Desert"

Slithering Sands4 rounds.

Monsters: Fire Lizard x3, Golden Bug x3, Anubis x3

After the freezing unicorns you will now encounter burning lizards and golden bugs. But don't unterestimate them.

The Anubis will do more damage, so kill them first (weak to dark).

Boss San Worm: can knock out a character with a double hit. Weak to thunder.

Boss Des Worm: stronger variant.

Desert Giant5 rounds.

Monsters: Bastet x3, Golden Bug x2, Fire Lizard x3, Anubis, Mummy x3

Beware the Mummies and defeat them (weak to light) ASAP before they cast Eclipse!

The bastet cats are mostly buffing/debuffing.

Boss Sand Behemoth: strong physical skills and weak to thunder.

Boss Dusk Behemoth: stronger variant

Worshipper of Life6 rounds.

Monsters: Magic Pot x5, Mummy x2, Anubis x3, Bastet x3, Golden Bug x2

The magic pots are really healing themselves and will cast Soul Drain... even then you should first defeat the mummies! Remember that those are weak to light.

Boss Ankh Priestess: get rid of the magic pots asap. The priestess is weak to dark but can cast Cure.

Boss Was Priestess: stronger variant. This time the priestess is weak to light.

Keeper of Creation7 rounds.

Monsters: Mimic Book x7, Anubis x3, Bastet x4, Magic Pot

Don't underestimate the mimic books (weak to light) and the difficulty has a new spike.

If all your preparations are without cause, equip 4 light spirits for the elemental strike and AoE Healing.

In round 4 you will encounter the San/Des Worm again.

Boss Ancient Sphinx: weak to darkness and can cast cure.

Boss Royal Sphinx: stronger variant.

You unlock an Achievement, Main Quest Area "Sanctum" and obtain a Precious Memory.

Main Quest Area 9 "Sanctum"

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Ancient Strategist4 rounds.

Monsters: Two-Headed Bird, Two-Tailed Cat x2, Tanuki x2, Three-Feeted Raven

The birds (can heal) and ravens are shocking and should be beaten first.

The mammals will slow you down.

From now one you will obtain Lv. 4 Ability Books, Noble Tier Armor and Tier 7 Weapons.

Boss General: possibly weak to lightning or ice. Might drop a "Thornmail".

Boss Emperor: stronger variant.

Stature of Wisdom5 rounds.

Monsters: Two-Headed Bird x2, Shinobi x4, Three-Feeted Raven x2, Konoichi x3, Two-Tailed Cat

Beware the Ninjas (similar to Reiketsu's skills).

Boss Sage: defeat the Bird and Raven ASAP.

Boss Savant: stronger variant.

Note: This is the last stage with a variant boss.

Goddess of Life6 rounds.

Monsters: Shinobi x4, Tanuki x2, Two-Headed Bird x2, Three-Feeted Raven, Konoichi x2, Two-Tailed Cat

In round 4 you will encounter the General/Emperor again.

Boss Goddess of Life, Maisha:

Phase 1: She summons a wolf and a hornet. Those are way stronger than you average mobs from the forest. Best use your AoE to deal with them. The phase will change when Maisha's HP fall below 75%.

Phase 2: She summons a Sorcerer and cockatriece from the Mountain. The phase will change when Maisha's HP fall below 50%.

Phase 3: She summons a snake and man-eater-plant from the crater. The phase will change when Maisha's HP fall below 25%.

Phase 4: She summons a Unicorn and a harpy from the wilds. Get rid of the Unicorn ASAP!

You will unlock an Achievement Maisha tries to revive Entropia.

You obtain a Precious Memory and are requested on the bridge.

Before you progress the story, try to finish open ends.

There is no point of no return.

Final Boss Weary Keeper, Death: He is immune to slow and silence but weak to light. Reaping Scythe might leave a Death Mark on the party members mostly followed up by a single, dual or AoE attack/skill. The target will die if it gets damaged.

This battle has phases. Each phase is stronger then the former.

2nd phase: Now he is even immune to ablaze (burn) and might use Blazing Dance.

3rd phase: Now he is even immune to frozen and might cast Blizzard Dance.

4th phase: Now he is even immune to shocked and might cast Thunder Dance.

5th phase: No new immunity so finish him or his Demon Dance will be your end.

As long as you are not totally unlucky with the Death Mark you shouldn't have much problems (have enough Revivers in stock).

It is better to revive than heal - so you can use Fire, Ice and Thunder Spirits. Don't equip the Dark Spirit, as you will mostly use your skills.

Remember that the Light Spirit will provide you with Light Strike and will restore frozen!

In this battle you will obtain Pure Materials, Max Level Ability Books, Perfect Tier Armor, Tier 8 Weapons, 4000 Energy and 8000 EXP.

You unlock an Achievement and Monolith will be taken over (this marks the current Main Quest).

You can challenge Death any time on the bridge for 30 Spirit Fragments.

Combined with the New King's Clothes you can earn easy Energy there.

But you won't be automatically healed when you return.

Just head to another map for healing.

But for Reviving you have to enter the Medical Bay.

Dream Weapons And Their Effects (Tier 10+)

Non-DLC-Characters Name Class Tier Description Buyably at Effect Dropped by Hero's Tears Hero, Player 11 Crystallized sword empowered by the hopes of those left behind Black Market Dealer, Entropia No stats (normal form), but ATK is empowered by your level Tanuki Heroic Song Hero, Player 10 Sword of a hero of legends, her story ever told Entropia ? Snake Virtous Blade Hero, Player 10 A sword of miraculous fortitude Entropia ? ? Ophello Sword Hero, Player 10 A sword crafted through the alternation of DNA Eucreta ? - Mutagen Sword Hero, Player 11 A mutated sword crafted through the alternation of DNA Eucreta ? - Galvanize Leader 11 A sacred spear that motivates others Black Market Dealer, Entropia heals party 50 HP with successful strike while user is not zombified Des Worm Blessed Lance Leader 10 A holy spear blessed by the spirits Entropia ? ? Covenant Will Leader 10 The sign of a steadfeast leader, never to back down Entropia No charge loss? Fire Sprite Ophello Spear Leader 10 A spear crafted through the alternation of DNA Eucreta ? - Mutagen Spear Leader 11 A mutated spear crafted through the alternation of DNA Eucreta ? - Assassin 11 Occult weapon emanating a mysterious Aura Black Market Dealer, Entropia chance to inflict different status effects and buffs on the enemy with strike ? Punisher Assassin 10 Quick to draw, this dagger leaves no attack unpunished Entropia counter? Bat Fearbringer Assassin 10 A cruel dagger, leaving its victims on shock if not death Entropia Chance to apply shock or instant death? ? Ophello Dagger Assassin 10 A dagger crafted through the alternation of DNA Eucreta ? - Mutagen Dagger Assassin 11 A mutated dagger crafted through the alternation of DNA Eucreta ? - Necronomicon Practioner 11 An ancient tome that pulses with an eldritch power Black Market Dealer, Entropia ? ? Soul Librium Practioner 10 Tome that draws from the very corner of one's soul Entropia ? ? Alive Record Practioner 10 A living tome known to latch onto worthy targets Entropia ? Assault Leader Ophello Tome Practioner 10 A tome crafted through the alternation of DNA Eucreta ? - Mutagen Tome Practioner 11 A mutated tome crafted through the alternation of DNA Eucreta ? -

Dream Weapons And Their Effects (Tier 10+) Part 2

DLC-Characters Name Class Tier Description Buyably at Effect Dropped by Maelstrom Blood Driver 11 Its whirling blade seems to draw in foes Black Market Dealer, Entropia Charge gain enemy or taunt? Bastet, Two-Tailed Cat Bloodsaw Blood Driver 10 A crude chainsaw leaving nasty wounds Entropia applies unhealable with strike Infected Yeti Soul Reaper Blood Driver 10 A possessed chainsaw drawing lifeforce of its user Entropia same effect as Monolith's Soul Drain but negative for the user? Man-Eater-Plant Ophello Chainsaw Blood Driver 10 A chainsaw crafted through the alternation of DNA Eucreta ? - Mutagen Chainsaw Blood Driver 11 A mutated chainsaw crafted through the alternation of DNA Eucreta ? - Cat Claw Manipulator 11 A strange gauntlet sporting fur and sharp claws Black Market Dealer, Entropia ? ? Absorber Manipulator 10 A gauntlet specially designed to absorb status effects Entropia chance to absorb status effects with strike? Dark Slime Blitz Circuit Manipulator 10 An experimental gauntlet known to malfunction Entropia chance to shock the wearer instead of the enemy? Ice Scorpion Ophello Gauntlet Manipulator 10 A gauntlet crafted through the alternation of DNA Eucreta ? - Mutagen Gauntlet Manipulator 11 A mutated gauntlet crafted through the alternation of DNA Eucreta ? - Lyudmila Hunter 11 A historic weapon with great kill count Black Market Dealer, Entropia chance to apply Fearstruck with strike ? Blue Bird Hunter 10 A custom-made rifle designed to be a heavy hitter Entropia ? Gias Scorpion Quickscope Hunter 10 An aim-assisted rifle enabling quick shots Entropia ? Assault Imperator Ophello Rifle Hunter 10 A rifle crafted through the alternation of DNA Eucreta ? - Mutagen Rifle Hunter 11 A mutated rifle crafted through the alternation of DNA Eucreta ? - Seraph's Rod Illuminon 11 A silver coated rod of a holy missionary Black Market Dealer, Entropia Elemental Strike: Light? ? Earth Blessing Illuminon 10 Rod blessed by a spirit to heal the earth Entropia party heal? Strangler Spirited Cane Illuminon 10 A rod soaked in magic for its user to wield from Entropia AP Regen +1? ? Ophello Rod Illuminon 10 A rod crafted through the alternation of DNA Eucreta ? - Mutagen Rod Illuminon 11 A mutated rod crafted through the alternation of DNA Eucreta ? -

Dream Armors And Their Effects (Tier 10+)

Name Type Tier Description Buyably at Effect Dropped by King's New Clothes Cloak 10 A cloak doubling the amount of money gained in battle Casino Energy x2 when stage is won (doesn't stack) - Maid Uniform Cloak, Sakia only? 11 Good service is to never miss and serve at high speed! Sakia's challenge ? - Nano Cloak Cloak 10 A highly advanced cloak connected to its wearer Entropia ? Dragon Matrix Cloak Cloak 11 A reactive cloak occasionally preventing subsequent attacks Entropia cast Matrix when hit for one turn ? Ninja Hide Cloak 10 Old cloak of a ninja hiding in the shadows Entropia Chance to cast shadow/invisible when hit? ? Protovest Vest 10 A defensive vest aiding regenerative abilities Entropia higher chance to recover from negative states Sparkle Strangler Stinker Vest 10 An… old vest, smelling horribly Entropia Decreased the change to be targeted by 10% ? Life Gamble Vest 11 An experimental vest decreasing or increasing incoming damage Entropia can grant Fear or Fearless when hit ? Thornmail Armor 11 Armor decorated with spikes dealing recoil damage to enemies Entropia damages enemy when attacked General General Armor 10 Armor of one that takes pride in their strength Entropia permament ATK buff (Encouraged) ? Blue Armor Armor 10 Armor of one that takes pride in their defenses Entropia permament DEF buff (Fearless) ?

Please commend when you can fill some "?" or find another monster that drops a certain weapon/armor.


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