Walkthrought The Burglar's Mansion


My first ever made map, The Burglar's Mansion. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

If you're trying the map and are stuck or need guidance, please read this guide.

I'll use a lot of spoiler tags so you don't accidentally read anything you don't want to.

Let's get going!

Part 1

- Read the note

- Open the drawer and press the button, the door opens

Part 2

- Move the computer screen and press the button, the left drawer opens

- Pick up the 2 magazines in that drawer and you find a code (742)

- Use this code on the lockbox in the bookcase, take the key inside

- Use this key to open the kitchen door

- The right drawer in the table in the living room, near the kitchen door has a key, take it

- Use it to open the right cabinet of the computer desk, you get a JackalHead-statue, save it for later

- Go to the chess-board and move the White Queen left to the Black King, take the White Queen with the Black King, checkmate by using the White Rook

The second answer is: Move White Queen left of Black King, move Black king to the white space diagonally of it, Move White Queen left of Black King

This now opens the left cabinet in the computer desk

Part 3

- Read notes on fridge

- Put the macaroni-plate in the oven, the cabinet above the sink opens up

- Grab 2 plates and 2 cups

- Open the drawer left of the fridge, on the right side inside there is a button the press, this opens the right drawer in the computerdesk

- The drawer shows 3 cards, 10 3 8, that the is code for the lock in the left large drawer, take the screwdriver out of it

- Use screwdriver on the drawer in the kitchen left of the one with the button in it

- Take 2 knifes and 2 forks

- Put the plates, cups, forks and knifes in the order as the picture below

- The drawer in the living room opens, near the computerdesk, take the Falcon-Statue

- Use screwdriver on the outlet near the bookcase, the drawer right of the bookcase opens up with a note

- Collect statues,

JackalHead-statue in right cabinet in the computerdesk,

Airplane-statue on computer desk,

Star-statue on TV-table,

Pyramid-statue in Fireplace,

Jackal-statue on top of the chandelier near the bookcase

and Falcon-statue in the drawer in the table near the computerdesk

- Put the statues in the computerdesk as followed

- The bedroom-door now opens

Part 4

- In the bedroom, click the dollhouse above the couch, it opens a lockbox across the room with a code (539)

- Use that code on the chest in the living room

- Take the black domino that has a total eyes of 1 and the white domino with the total eyes of 7

- Go back to the bedroom, open the closet and move the laundry casket, grab the white domino that has the 5 eyes on them

- Go to the bathroom and grab the black domino that has 3 eyes, right of the washer

- The poster left of the time-puzzle it says 'DIGITAL', which is hint to use the 24h time (not every country uses for example 17.35, but 5.35) put the dominos like this, to form the time 17:35

-The cabinet in the kitchen, next to the dishwasher opens up with a note, in the right lower corner it says 6/10 with a frame-icon, this means you need to put 6 books under 6 paintings

-Get the following books from the bookcase:

Yellow one, with black sillhouette on it,

Lonely Rider,

Red book with the monkey on it,

Orange one with the eye on it,

Green one, with supertrees on it

and lastly the Red one, Lost in Rome

-Put Lost in Rome below the picture near the bookcase,

The yellow one goes under the picture near the computerdesk,

the green one goes in the room where you started.

The monkey book goes below the monkey,

the Lonely Rider goes below the one in the kitchen,

and the orange one with the eye goes in the bedroom below the eye-picture.

-Now the lowest drawer left of the bed opens up, press the button in that drawer. In the living room, the fireplace now moves and the door to the hidden room opens

Part 5 - Final

-Grab the crate from the top shelf and also the crowbar

-Use the crowbar on the crate and grab the key

-Use that key on the wallcompartment and press the button within, a spider on the ceiling drops a key behind the boxes on the shelf

-Move the boxes on the shelf and find a key behind it

-Use that key on the lockbox on the shelf, grab the key

-Use the key on the suitcase, it doesn't open up yet

-Grab the pickaxe from the toolbox and use it on the hinges of the suitcase, it now opens

-The note has several Uppercases, forming a word BRUSH

-Take the brush from the shelf and use it on the front-door

Congratulations! You finished the map!

Hope you liked it. If you have any questions, bugreports, tips or anything else, let me know!

Don't forget to like the map if you actually liked it, I would really appreciate it!

Thank you!

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