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This is a walkthrough for "The Tape".

Do not use the walkthrough unless you are totally stuck.

If you are tired consider taking some rest and trying again later.

Consider playing a map with a friend - a fresh pair of eyes can notice something you've missed.

Hints are hidden in spoilers . Mouse over them to see the contents.

Some hints contain further explanation inside them hidden in a nested spoiler

Step 1

Check the map on the wall

There's a pin holding it

There is a slot behind the map

Put a coin in this slot

Coin can be found in the drawer

Step 2

In the next room the wall behind an empty doorframe is suspicious

Move it aside

Step 3

Enter a long hall

Close the sliding wall behind you

Step 4

In the next room you see a ladder to the attic

pull it down withan umbrella

Do Not Read Further If You Haven't Done Everything Mentioned Above!


You don't need to collect them all, 4 is enough

One is in the first roomin the drawer

One is in the first roomon the floorto the left of the sofa

One is in the drawer under the painting

One is in the long hallunder the cabinet

To find another one you need to clean upthe papers in the trashed room on the first floor

One is in the atticin a toolbox


One of the paintings is odd

Bow to the odd painting

There is a slot under the cabinet

Put enough coins there

Wooden Tiles

One is in the first roomin a suitcase

One is in the trashed roomunder the desk

One is given for solving the puzzlewith a painting

3x5 Board

The board is above the cabinet in the long hall

Three stickers are on the board

They relate to the pictures on the walls

Their positions on the board relate to the rooms they are in

The board can be turned into a map of the apartment

Fill the gaps in its layout with tiles

Glass Box

There are five buttons

Press some buttons and watch how the ball reacts to different changes in positions of slopes next to it

Try working on one row at a time - ignore the other two

If you have a row in a starting position and start pressing each button twice, the balls will never move backwards and will eventually move to the left

Billiard Balls

Under the clover shaped table in the atticthere is a note

Note shows you the locations of the billiard balls on a map

Three are in the glass box

One is in the closed drawer in the first room. To open it solve the puzzle withthe wooden tiles

One is in the first roomon the shelf.Move the chair to get to it

One is on the table in the attic

One is given for solving the puzzle withthe painting

Clover Shaped Table

There are 7 slots to put billiard balls in

You need all 7 billiard balls to fill them

There is a hint on the desk in the trashed room

It tells you that sum in each circle must be 13

Which balls can be in the same circle as 7?

Put the biggest numbers in the corners

Put the lowest number in the center

Table With Coloured Pucks

To find a hint to this puzzle you need to clean upthe papers in the trashed room on the first floor

There is a note under the papers

Text is mirrored, the note says:"look up"

On the ceiling you see the position of pucks that you need

There are small dots around it

There are candles around the table in the attic

Each candle is right above the dot on the ceiling in the room below it

Each puck must be placed right above the circle drawn on the ceiling in the room below it

Place blue puck in the correct position first

Continue by placing purple and white

Set the rest of them

Chess Pieces

Two chess pieces are in the trashed room

One chess piece is behind the glass box

One chess piece is in the atticin the crate

Chess Boards

Setup the boards

Find missing chess pieces and place them on the boards

Watch closely what happens after that

After you place black pieceswhite pawn moves

Now you need the other board

Copy the move you just saw

Continue copying the moves until the game ends


One is in the starting room

Two are locked in the chess rooms. To get them solve the chess puzzle

Two are locked in the attic. To get them solvethe puzzle with pucks andthe puzzle with clover shaped table

One is in the desk in the trashed room. To open it solvethe puzzle with the wooden tiles

Do Not Read Further If You Haven't Done Everything Mentioned Above!


Tuner is in the first roomunder the table

Use eject button to pick up radio after tuning

The value stays the same even after you pick up the radio

First Hint For The Final Puzzle

One hint is in the desk in the trashed room. To open it solve the puzzle withwooden tiles

What it tells you:

To change the value on the radio put it in the tuner

The value a dice is set to is on the side facing you

Devices with same value are connected

Second Hint For The Final Puzzle

Another hint is on a specific wall

On the sliding wall

What it tells you:

Dice of the same colour have same value

Dice of different colour have different values

There are 3 blue, 3 orange, 2 red and 2 green dice to set values on

Final Puzzle

There are 4 dice in the box in the first room

And 1 dice on each radio

You need to set them all to correct positions

Some numbers are missing from each dice

Start with three blue dice

The only number common on all of them is 4

Now check the red pair

There are two numbers in common, butone of them is 4, so their value is 2

Continue with orange and then green

Double check everything. Remember to set values on the box AND on the radios

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