Walkthrough for "Lost To History"

This Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for "Lost To History".

Do not use the walkthrough unless you are totally stuck.

This map is not a typical escape room, It is an interactive maze and a difficult one. It's a good idea to use pen and paper.

If you are tired consider taking some rest and trying again later.

There are different paths through the puzzles. In multiplayer you have more options and some puzzles have alternative solutions. But this guide covers only one path, viable for both singleplayer and multiplayer.

Hints are hidden in spoilers . Mouse over them to see the contents.


If you are playing in singleplayer you'll have no problems here

Read map description, it's on a blackboard in the tent

All players need to come up to the postament to proceed

Cyan And Red Rooms

Pick up cyan room puzzle piece and place it on the table

You are in the golden room

Rooms must be connected by a door

Enter cyan room through the door

Inspect the small stone table

Red room puzzle piece is inside it

Blue Room

You cannot connect red room by door to other rooms you have

But you can connect it by window to golden room

Pick up blue room puzzle piece through the window

Purple And Black Rooms

Connect blue room to golden and red room to blue

Pick up purple room puzzle piece in red room

Pick up black pyramid in the blue room and read instructions on the table it is lying on

Put black pyramid under the magnifier in the red room and rotate magnifier to activate it

Use the pyramid to teleport to the black room

Pick up black room puzzle piece and another black pyramid in the black room

Use the pyramid to teleport back and return to golden room

Table In Blue Room

The table in the blue room can now be opened

But you need to place two pyramids on it to unlock

You can pick the pyramid if you deactivate it by rotating the magnifier

One of the pyramids is in the black room. You need to get it to blue room

Get The Pyramid From Black Room

If you are playing singleplayer the only way you can get into the black room is via pyramids

You need to move the pyramid out of the black room

Red and purple rooms are very similar

Put the pyramid from blue room in red room, connect blue room to golden, red room to blue, black room to purple

Teleport to the black room from the red room, pick up the pyramid, move the pyramid to the purple room and teleport back from there

Get pyramids from red and purple rooms (you can get to both of these rooms by connecting them to blue room)

Open the table in blue room and pick up green room puzzle piece

Table In Golden Room (optional)

You can get a hint for the next part in the golden room

You have all puzzle pieces now

There is a way to fit all pieces together - door to door, window to window

Enter Green Room

There is a hint to this part in the golden room, look at the previous paragraph if you haven't seen it

In singleplayer you cannot enter this room through the door

Connect cyan room to golden room by door and green room to cyan room by window

Throw one of the pyramids through the window

Teleport to it from red room by removing cyan room and connecting blue room to golden and red room to blue

Pick up the magnifier

Now you can repair the device in cyan room

Retrieve The Pyramid

Connect cyan room to golden and repair the device in cyan room

Now you can get the pyramid back from the green room

This can be done using the same trick as with the black room

Blue and cyan room are similar: both of them can be connected to either golden or green room

Blue room doesn't have a magnifier, but you can attach red room to it

Put the pyramid in cyan room, connect cyan to golden, blue to green and red to blue

Teleport to the green room and pick up the pyramid

Move the pyramid to red room

Teleport back

Enter Gray Room

In multiplayer you could visit this room earlier

But you need to get all players to this room

Now you can rearrange rooms to get to the gray room

Put one pyramid in cyan room and another in red room

Connect cyan to golden, black to gray, red to black

Teleport from cyan room to red room and get into gray room

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