The Sleeping Lion Tavern Guide

Access To Room #2

To gain access to Room #2 you will need to pay 5 gold coins at the Barkeep's table where the small chest with the red rug is.

Coin #1

Hint:The note inside the cupboards behind the Barkeep indicate that the 2nd cupboard has a coin in it. Is there a way you could break into it?

Solution: Use the axe found in the wall at the back of the Tavern.

Coin #2

Hint:With the Tavern owner gone, some patrons don't have drinks with their meals.

Solution:Place the 4 empty pickable mugs under the tap of the beer barrels behind the Barkeep table, place each of the full mugs next to a bowl that doesn't have a mug already.

Coin #3

Hint:Looks like some people are playing Poker in the middle of the room, you'll need to find a better hand than Quad Aces.

Solution:You're looking for a Heart Royal Flush, one of the cards is located in the rightmost cupboard behind the Barkeep table. Another is inside Room #1, on the ground by the door, the key for the room is above the key rack. The last card is on the top of the shelf next to Room #3.

Coin #4

Hint:The round board at the back of the Tavern on the wall looks like a dart board.

Solution:Throw the 3 knives on the barrel towards the board on the wall.

Coin #5

Hint:The rug in the corner of the room on the wall looks suspicious, maybe you can get rid of it somehow.

Solution:Grab the candle on the shelf that was in front of the rug, use the candle on the only lit candle in the room next to Room #5. Place the lit candle on the bottom of the rug.

Hint:That fence should be easily knocked down if you hit it.

Solution:Use the axe on the fence.

Hint:You'll need some leverage to open the coffin.

Solution:Use the shovel and stone found in the secret room.

Room #2

Hint:The wall in Room #2 looks like it's been repaired.

Solution:Pull the shelf forward and walk towards the wall.

Hint:You might be able to break down the wall somehow.

Solution:Use the axe on the wall.

Hint:The axe wasn't very effective, maybe something bigger or sturdier could help.

Solution:Pull the shelf forward until it locks into place, walk behind the shelf.

Room #3

Room Key #4

Hint:The next room key is hidden somewhere inside the room, better search high and low.

Solution:The key is located in the bucket in the corner, under the rags.

Cauldron Puzzle

Hint:5 potions need to be placed in the correct order, the eyeball in the cauldron will point you in the right direction.

Solution:The 5 eyeballs in the secret room have different colours, from left to right, blue, orange, green, red and cyan.

Orange Potion:In Room #1, on the shelf on the right at the back.

Red Potion:In the secret room, in the tree trunk next to the grave.

Cyan Potion:In the chest in Room #2, the key is underneath the pillow.

Green Potion:In Room #3, next to the cauldron in the wooden toolbox.

Blue Potion:

Hint:The potion is on a high shelf, you may need something soft to break its landing.

Solution:Click on the shelf to get the prompt, place the pillow found in Room #3 underneath the Blue Potion, click on the shelf again.

Small Crate Puzzle

Hint:The note in the right hand, next to the small crate has some clues to what you need.

Solution:You will need the logs in the firepit from Room #2, The lit candle on a stick in Room #2 and dried grass from the Secret Room next to the skull, under the grave. Place them all on the firepit in Room #3 and place the small crate on top of that.

Room #4

Fireball Puzzle

Hint:You'll need the magic hat, spellbook and skulls in the correct position to create the fireball.

Solution:The magic hat is on the ground, behind the table, place it on the hat rack. The spellbook is on the ground next to the crates, place this on the book rack, press the book after it opens. The hint "look away" refers to thes skulls, turn the skulls to face away from the golden orb.

Picture Frame Puzzle

Hint:The wooden boards look they have been nailed in on the sides.

Solution:Use the pliers found on the shelf to remove the nails in the boards.

Hint:The torches on either side of the picture frame have been put out.

Solution:Throw the fireball at the torches to light them.

Room Key #5

Hint:The note next to the skeleton should help you in turning all the torches on, press the crystal ball to douse the torches.

Solution:Press the torches in a LOOP, doesn't matter where you start, ensure the torches have been reset and press all the outside torches one after another.

Room #5

Opening Chest

Hint:The book on the table will point you in the right direction on what to look for.

Solution:Follow the spiders on the wall, use the dagger on the ceiling to pick the lock on the chest.

Obtaining Blue Orb

Crafting a Sword

Hint:The handle is located on top of the chandelier, how will you get it down?

Solution:Break the chain with the axe.

Hint:You'll need to craft a sword blade to go with the handle you've acquired.

Solution:Following the prompts from opening the chest, find the secret stash under the barrels and rug, place the iron bar on the anvil, hit it with a hammer and place the blade and handle on the table. Use the sword on the wheel to stop it.

Last Puzzle

Obtaining all 5 Orbs

Secret Room:Yellow Orb,located in the skull eye socket.

Room #3:Red Orb,obtained after completing the Small Crate Puzzle.

Room #3:Green Orb,obtained after completing the Cauldron Puzzle.

Room #4:White Orb,obtained after completing the Picture Frame Puzzle.

Room #5:Blue Orbobtained after completing the Sword Puzzle.

Hint:The coloured orbs need to be placed in the correct order on the front door, have you seen those orbs in the Tavern somewhere?

Solution:The correct order are the Room numbers with their coloured keys/key slots. Yellow, Red, White, Blue, Green.

Defeating the Dragon

Hint:Your regular weapons don't damage it, is there something that does?

Solution:The electric dagger can damage the dragon, you'll need to electrify all your weapons.

Electrifying Weapons

Hint:The magician had been experimenting with electricity however 2 of the glass spheres are missing.

Solution:One of the spheres is in Room #4 above the shelves, use the fireball to get it down. The other is in the chest in Room #5, use the dagger in the ceiling to pick the lock.

Hint: These spheres are still empty, you'll need to capture some electricity, where have you seen that before?

Solution: The Seret Room has 2 pillars with electricity atop, place both spheres on them and then onto the golden goblets in Room #4. Electrify all your weapons and attack the dragon with them.

Hint:There should be 4 weapons, a dagger, an axe, a sword and something else, something mightier than a sword.

Solution:Electrify the pen in Room #2, use it in the eye of the dragon.


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