The Deluxe Museum Heist Guide - Workshop Map

First Area - Security

Area Goal -The doors are locked and the cameras are on. In order to progress, you'll need to disable the cameras and unlock the doors

Wires PuzzleGoal - You have to connect the power from the top left to the bottom right

Clue - It's hard to give a clue for this, but it might help to start from the end and going through it logically. There is only one possible solution.


Camera Puzzle Goal - Turn off the cameras so you don't get caught when you go into the museum

Clue - The panel has instructions on how to backup camera storage, but you only care about turning the cameras OFF

Camera 1

Clue - The code is found on the bottom left of the monitor Camera 2

Clue - The code is in the same place as the first one, but why can't you see it? Camera 3

Clue - This camera is broken, you won't be able to see the number on the monitor. Maybe you need to look somewhere else?

Solution- Read the note on the monitor. The camera is next to the ladder. Going outside of the security room, you can see the camera above the door.

Code (if you want to skip entirely) - 062

Door PuzzleGoal - Enter a 4 digit number in the correct order to unlock the doors and proceed

Clue 1 - The diagram inside the panel gives you the order but not the numbers.

Clue 2 - Take a look at the broken panel on the desk, is there something you notice?

Solution- There are 4 panels around the room (including the main power one) Each one has a barcode with a colored number on it. Use those numbers and the diagram to get the code

Code (if you want to skip entirely) - 0934

Second Area - Gallery

Area Goal -Find a way into the curator's office. 5 digits... 5 paintings

Paintings Goal - There is hidden information in the paintings. You'll need to extract a number from each painting somehow

Step 1

Clue - Look at the painting and especially the info next to each painting. Does anything stand out?

Solution - You can find each object in the storage closet. They are all lightly themed from the painting and spelled out in bold text in the info card. Once you have the objects place them on the stands under each painting. Step 2

Clue - Look closer in each painting, does anything look off?

Solution- One of the objects in the drawer is found in the painting. Once you find it, count the number of that object in the drawer

Anubis StatueClue 1 - Read the info text next to the statue. The last sentence is especially important.

Solution- If you spin the statue to look at a painting. An order will appear in the gold circle under the statue.

Keypad Goal - Using the numbers and orders found by the paintings and statue, enter the code and access the office.

Code (if you want to skip) - The code is 7 3 1 4 2

Third Area - Curator's Office

Area Goal -The curator's office has 3 main puzzles that should each give a number answer.

Mask Puzzle Goal - 3 Masks have to be placed on the 3 skulls in the correct places.

Locked Mask - This mask is locked behind a cabinet. You'll need to find a key to open it. It might be wise to investigate the rest of the big desk.

Missing Mask? - The third mask isn't in the office. Maybe you've seen it before?

Clue 1 - Look at the masks closer. What do the tags say?

Clue 2 - Have you looked at the globe in the office?

Solution- The globe has the locations and names of the different (fictional) cultures. Using that information you can assign the maps to their correct cultures.

Code (if you want to skip entirely) - Udgon - S. America, Korde - Africa, Dho - Australia

Code Number (if you want to skip entirely) - The emblems on the shelf light up different letters. The letters spell one (1)

Map Puzzle Goal - 4 game pieces have to be placed on the board in the correct locations.

Clue 1 - There are pictures above the table as well as a big wall map in the office

Clue 2 - The pictures are smaller areas of the big map.

3rd picture - The picture is crooked, maybe it fell down once?

Solution- Find the coordinates on the map that match the pictures. The third one is upside down, and the last one corresponds with the red pin.

Code (if you want to skip entirely) - White pins - B5, D4, G6. Red Pin - E2

Magnifying glass Clue 1 - Look at the magnifying glass closer

Clue 2 - The magnifying glass needs to be used on the big map.

Solution- Place the magnifying glass on the big map at coordinates D7. You should see a hidden number.

Code (if you want to skip entirely) - 9

Spear Puzzle Clue 1 - The translation is found somewhere on the big desk in the office.

Clue 2 - The last sentence of the art info is especially important

Solution- Each spear is pointing towards another square. If you eliminate each square that is speared, what is left over?

Code (if you want to skip entirely) - The code is Four (4) Bookcase Goal - You need to input a 3 digit code into the movable books. Each of the 3 main puzzles in the office will give you one of those digits.

Code (if you want to skip entirely) - The code is 1 4 9


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