Hints and Walkthrough's for ZekTheMad's Escape Rooms

Hints and Walkthrough's for ZekTheMad's Escape Rooms


Welcome! This is a hint/walkthrough guide for my Escape Simulator maps, handily combined in one location. Click on the headers to jump to the room you would like hints on. Each section will have hints first and a walkthrough at the end. Thanks for playing!

Currently this guide covers:

The Barred Room https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2636195694

Pharaoh's Maze https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2641579050

Sudoku Puzzle Cabinet https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2642575023

The Barred Room

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Welcome to The Barred Room. The goal is to find all 5 keys to exit. Hints below.

Planets Puzzle

Hint 1: There are 2 papers in the room that hold the key to the code

Hint 2 : Check the order of the planets on the desk

Hint 3 : The planet order is Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn

Answer: Earth is the 3rd planet, Jupiter = 5, Mars = 4, Saturn = 6, the code is 3546

Poker Chip Box

Hint 1 : The pattern on the box is very similar to something else in the room...

Hint 2 : Not all of the poker chips are required, but certain colors are

Hint 3 : Check under the rug

Hint 4 : Use the black poker chip to align the code correctly on the box


Battleship Board

Hint 1 : Sink the battleship!

Hint 2 : Check the floor, bookcase, center cabinet, and the desktop

Answer : Place all 4 red pegs into the battleship on the board

Blue Peg Lock

Hint 1 : The message about misses is the key to this lock

Hint 2 : Check the battleship board

Hint 3 : Associate the misses on the board with letters and numbers

Answer : The code is DEAD. Using the board, the miss on D column is in row 5, E is row 1, A is row 6, thus the code is 5165

Domino Puzzle

Hint 1 : The dominoes are just used to convey numbers, they are not used as dominoes

Hint 2 : White = 5, Black = 10

Answer : The black dominoes sum to 10 and the white dominoes sum to 5. The first domino is has a 2 and a blank, so the blank is 8 (to sum to 10). The second is a white 3, so the code number is 2, etc. The final code is 82741

Pharaoh's Maze

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Welcome to the Pharaoh's Maze, a sliding wall puzzle room. To open the chest you will need to find a key and the 3 gemstones.

Most puzzles in this room are confined to their immediate area, so you will not need to search far for the answers to the puzzles. Also, every room shown on the map is reachable.

Room of Cups

Hint 1 : The cups that start will balls are the key

Hint 2 : The item count is important, but not the quantity

Answer : Blue is odd and red is even

Room with 6 Sarcophagi and mini statues

Hint 1 : Check this square and the adjacent for the 4 statues you need

Hint 2 : The mirror is a hint on where the statues go

Answer : If you number the possible statue slots from left to right (6 total), guy with crossed arms goes in slot 2, statue with bird head and ball on a stick in slot 3, statue with bird head and scroll in slot 4, statue with jackal head in slot 6

Room with Pyramid Dial Lock

Hint 1 : The blocks against the wall are the key

Hint 2 : What would the blocks look like if the fallen ones were stacked correctly?

Answer : The number of blocks on each row is the combination, so 1234

Room with the Jackal Statue

Hint 1 : Check all the draggable objects

Answer : Drag the Jackal over to the pressure plate under the vase

Grey Gem

Hint 1 : Solve the cup puzzle to find it

Blue Gem

Hint 1 : Search the room with the gold statue with a red bowl

Answer : There is a button on top of the statue that opens the wall

Red Gem

Hint 1 : The gem is hidden behind a sliding wall near the window

Hint 2 : The sliding wall it is hidden behind is one that has already been triggered

Answer : Remove the gold ball from the cup at the start to close the wall leading to the cup puzzle

Key and Circle Door

Hint 1 : Find the red gem to open the door

Hint 2 : There is a button in the room beyond the circle door

Answer : One of the red squares on the chest opens the wall, the key is in the urn

Sudoku Puzzle Cabinet

Welcome to the Sudoku Puzzle Cabinet, where the puzzles are themed off of sudoku and some of its variants. This guide does not cover the tutorial puzzle, just the cabinet itself. Solve all 4 puzzles on the cabinet to win. Note that the block storage cabinet is there to help you keep track of numbers, it is not part of a puzzle itself.

This guide also assumes that you either know the thermo and XV sudoku variants or did the tutorial puzzle that teaches them.

Note on labeling sudoku boxes. The boxes are labeled starting at the top left, with box 1, top center is box 2, top right is box 3, etc.

Puzzle 1

Hint 1 : Take a close look at the dial

Hint 2 : Note that there are 6 spaces on the thermo

Answer : The dial is in the center of the thermo. If you arrange the numbers in the thermo it reads 8 7 6 4 3 1, thus the code is 7643

Puzzle 2

Hint 1 : It is easier to check what things can be instead of what they cannot be

Hint 2 : Each circled number only has 1 option

Answer : Digit 1 sees 2,8,9 in the column, 1,4,5 in the row, and 6,7 in the box, which only leaves 3 as a possible option.

Digit 2 sees 2,3,4,6,7 in the column, 5,8 in the row, and 9 in the box, leaving 1.

Digit 3 sees 1,4,6,7 in the column, 2,3,9 in the row, 8 in the box, leaving 5

Digit 4 sees 3,5 in the column, 1,2,4,7,9 in the row, 8 in the box, leaving 6

The final code is 3 1 5 6

Puzzle 3

Hint 1 : The blue border represents the outline of the sudoku, telling you which boxes of the sudoku each cube face represents

Hint 2 : The left cube is box 1 and 4 (top left and center left) The right cube is box 5 and 6 (center and center right)

Hint 3 : Start with the 3rd digit

Hint 4 : Remember that a V in sudoku only has 2 options, 1/4 and 2/3

Answer : The key to digit 3 is the V in box 6. These cells only have one option due to the 2 in box 5, which is 1/4. This means that digit 3 cannot be 1,2, or 4, leaving only 3, since digit 3 is also on a V.

Digit 2 is also on a V, and since digit 3 already uses 2/3, it must be a 1/4. The 4 in box 5 makes digit 2 a 4

Digit 1 is on an X with a 1, due to digit 2 being a 4, thus digit 1 is a 9

Digit 4 only has 1 option left. It sees 1,2,3,4,9 in the box, 6 and 5 from the row, and an 8 from the X in box 5 (attached to the 2), leaving only 7

The final code is 9 4 3 7

Puzzle 4

Hint 1 : Digits 1 and 2 can be deduced with only the information in their respective boxes

Hint 2 : Digit 3 can be deduced with only the information in its row

Hint 3 : For digit 4, consider the X dominoes and which digits on them are high and which are low

Hint 4 : For digit 4, in its box, digits 1 and 9 only have 1 option

Answer : The thermo takes up the whole box and thus contains all the digits from 1 to 9, which means digit 1 is 4

All cells in box 2 are on an X or V except for digit 2. 5 is the only digit that cannot be on an X or V, so digit 2 is 5

The only place a 9 can go on a thermo is the end, and since every row must contain a 9 this makes digit 3 a 9

Digit 4 = 8 is the short answer, the logic path to get there follows:

1 and 9 are very limited in the box. If 1 is on an X, it must be paired with a 9 and vice versa. If either 1 or 9 is on an X in this box, it would break the thermo, by putting the 9 or 1 in the middle of it. This means that 9 is on the end of the thermo and 1 is on the bulb (due to the 1 in box 4). The 1 in the bulb is on a V, which means it is paired with a 4. That leaves us with 2,3,5,6,7,8. If 6 is placed on an X, it must be paired with a 4, which is already placed in the box elsewhere, which means the 6 must be in the top center or top right box on the thermo. As there are only 2 numbers between 6 and 9, and the numbers along the thermo must increase, the 6 can only be in the top right, leaving an 8 for digit 4

The final code for puzzle 4 is 4 5 9 8

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2651267695					

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