Ch.1 Aunt Latty's Study Hints & Guide


Thank you for taking the time to try my Escape Room - Ch.1 Aunt Latty's Study.

The scenario is tragically simple. Your Great Aunt; the revered archaeologist Dr Latifa Murray, went missing several months ago and is presumed dead. You were very fond of dear Aunt Latty, and have entered the study of her beautiful country manor house to investigate the disappearance.

This escape room combines a mix of puzzle solving and locating hidden objects. You will need to push stuff, move things, pick up and examine items. Check thoroughly in, on, under and around things.

Not everything you find will be useful immediately.

This guide contains staggered hints hidden behind spoiler tags. You can reveal the hints gradually and they will eventually lead you to the solution to the puzzle. Don't feel bad if you have to refer to the hints a few times to help you progress.

Intro Letter

There is an introductory letter on the desk in Dr Latifa's study. It reads:

Dearest Abigail,

If you are reading these words, then I am gone.

There will be time to discover 'where' I have gone later; but first, my dear, I must teach you 'how'.

Over my lifetime of exploration, archaelogical digs and adventures I have acquired a wealth of curios, treasures and artefacts. I recently discovered that some of them contain a raw, supernatural power that I have been able to harness and manipulate.

You were always my favourite niece, and it delights me that you share my sense of adventure! If you wish to unlock these mysteries for yourself and follow me into The Other, you need to gather and assemble some artefacts. The first, is the Star of Aesterytrix, which is hidden here in

this very room.

Do you remember how I used to scold you for moving things when you played in my study? I like

everything on my desk to be in its proper place!

Lots of love xx

Great Aunt Latty

Getting Started: The Desk

1) The last paragraph of Great Aunt Latifa's letter might be getting at something...

2) She likes her desk to be set out in a particular way...

3) Is there anything in the room that could help you set things straight?

4) There is a photograph of the desk somewhere in the room...

5) You need to place several items correctly on the desk:

- Fountain Pen

- Ink Bottle

- Stuffed Bird

- Teapot

6) To get the stuffed bird, you'll need to unlock the cabinet. There must be a key around here somewhere...

7) There is a key poking out from under the chest on top of the sandstone altar!

8) Something about that photo looks a little... odd

9) The photo is reversed!

10) You need to place the items on the opposite side of the desk to where they are shown in the photo.

Finding The Wheel

1) If you can't see what to do next, try raising the lights a little

2) Literally... raise the lights.

3) The light fittings at each end of the study can be slid into a raised position.

4) By sliding both lights into the raised position, the bookshelf has opened!

The Second Letter & The Chessboard

1) Auntie's letter mentioned a game of chess, and has a doodle of some chess pieces in one corner.

2) There is a chess board and several pieces in the corner of the room...

3)You can pick up the pieces. Do you notice anything unusual about them?

4) Each piece seems to have a different colour dot on the base

5) You will need three pieces to make a three-colour combination

6)There were three pieces shown in the corner of the letter...

7) The pieces are Black King; White Bishop; Black Knight

8)The colours on these pieces are red, blue, green

9) Green must be on the inner wheel, since there is no green on the outer wheel. From inside to out, it is: green, blue, red

10) There is a new row of symbols aligned with the dagger in the middle of the wheel.

11)You should now be able to decode the symbols.There is one new symbol to discover.

12) Did you use the key that was in the drawer with Auntie's letter?


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