Concord Bolts Game

Bolts - The Game

I'm going to keep this really quick and simple. At the back of Concord station there is a toilet with 3 Orange Wing in it playing "Bolts". You will need to be Silver Wing or have an influence of 45 to join in the game.

There are three primary reasons why you might want to do this:

1) You get 200 combonds per win

2) If you reach 1500 combonds you'll get the achievement "Starting Capital"

3) You get 100xp for each win and 30xp for each time you cheat in the game

Basically I was level 4 by the time I left Concord and seriously loaded. The game takes no in game time so you can play it almost infinitely.

You will need to have at least Criminal level 30 so you can cheat (this has to be a natural 30, using an item like the shiv to take you past 30 doesn't get you the bonuses).

The game consists of 4 players holding 0 - 3 bolts each in their hand. Each player takes turns guessing how many bolts there are total (0 - 12). The winner loses a bolt and the game continues until one player has no bolts left.

The simple way to play is:

1) Always hold one bolt in your hand

2) Always guess 5 (or as close as you can if someone else picks it, ideally 6 if available)

That's it. Doesn't matter which round your playing or how many bolts you have left. Doesn't matter if you're first, second, third or last.

The bids the other players make has no impact on how they play (i.e. how many bolts they have in their hands) or at least it doesn't seem to. Make a note of how many bolts they bid and simply add/remove a bolt to stop any of them winning and to get a win yourself. You can cheat as much as you like, perfectly safely. Your cheating to add or remove a bolt always succeeds.

Oh, and at time of writing you can add a bolt even when you're holding your last bolt.

That's it, go enjoy an easy way to stock up at the start :)

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