The Easiest Way to Beat Elden Ring: A Comprehensive Guide

The Easiest Way To Beat Elden Ring: A Comprehensive Guide

1. Choose the Right Class

Recommended Starting Class

Confessor: Balanced stats for both combat and magic, making it versatile for beginners.

Astrologer: Starts with powerful sorcery spells, ideal for ranged attacks.

2. Focus on the Right Stats

Key Attributes

Vigor: Increase health to survive longer.

Mind: Boosts FP (magic points), essential for magic users.

Endurance: Increases stamina and equip load.

Strength/Dexterity: Choose one based on your preferred weapon type.

Intelligence/Faith: Focus on one based on your preferred magic type (sorceries or incantations).

3. Get Powerful Early Weapons and Spells

Early Game Weapons

Uchigatana: Found in Deathtouched Catacombs, a powerful katana with bleeding effect.

Claymore: Located in Castle Morne, great for strength builds.

Early Game Spells

Glintstone Pebble: Starting spell for Astrologer, effective for early game.

Flame Sling: Purchase from Brother Corhyn in Roundtable Hold.

4. Utilize Summons and Spirit Ashes

How to Use

Lone Wolf Ashes: Acquired early from Renna at the Church of Elleh.

Jellyfish Ashes: Found in Stormhill Shack, good for distracting enemies.


Upgrade your summons at Roundtable Hold with Roderika to increase their effectiveness.

5. Level Up Efficiently

Farming Runes

Gatefront Ruins: Defeat the soldiers for easy early runes.

Agheel Lake: Use ranged attacks to farm dragon Agheel for a huge rune boost.

Boss Strategies

Margit, the Fell Omen: Use ranged attacks and summons to keep distance and avoid his powerful melee attacks.

Godrick the Grafted: Focus on dodging his attacks, use summons, and attack after his moves.

6. Master the Combat System

Dodging and Blocking

Always keep an eye on enemy patterns and learn when to dodge or block.

Use light armor for better dodging ability.


Practice parrying with smaller shields to stagger enemies and open them up for critical hits.

7. Explore and Take Your Time

Discovering Secrets

Explore Thoroughly: Many useful items and upgrades are hidden off the beaten path.

Talk to NPCs: They often provide valuable information and quests.

Upgrading Gear

Collect upgrade materials like Smithing Stones and take them to blacksmiths to enhance your weapons.

8. Use Online Resources and Community Help

Join Online Communities

Reddit: /r/Eldenring for tips and tricks from other players.

YouTube: Watch gameplay guides for visual learning of difficult parts.

Summon Other Players

Use the multiplayer feature to summon experienced players to help with tough bosses.

9. Stay Patient and Persistent


Patience: Elden Ring is challenging; don’t rush and learn from each death.

Persistence: Keep trying and adapting your strategy if you hit a wall.


Beating Elden Ring may seem daunting at first, but with the right preparation and mindset, you can make it much easier. Follow this guide, stay patient, and enjoy the journey through the Lands Between!


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