The Definitive Guts (Berserker Armor) Mod Pack

Explanation, Mods List, And Google Drive Download Link

Modding Explanation For Newbies

(skip to mods list and google drive link sections if you already have Toggle Anti-Cheat)

Even if you're downloading Elden Ring mods for the first time you should probably know that any type of mod (even purely cosmetic) can only be used offline and with the Anti-Cheat off.


Step By Step Tutorial on Toggle Anti-Cheat and Mod Engine 2 (newbies)

- Open Elden Ring normally

- Go to Elden Ring settings and in Network change Launch Setting to Play Offline (since mods can only be used offline)

- Download ToggleAntiCheat from the Google Drive link below the mods list

- Copy and paste all the contents of the ToggleAntiCheat folder into your game directory (to find your game directory go to Elden Ring in your steam library, click settings, manage, browse local files, and open the "game" folder)

- run the toggle_anti_cheat application you just pasted into your game directory to toggle of anti-cheat (you can run it again to restore the anti-cheat and play normally)

-Download ModEngine2Berserker from the Google Drive link below the mods list

-Since everything is already set up all you need to do is run launchmod_eldenring and it will run your steam copy of Elden Ring with all of your mods for you. Launching the game normally through Steam won't load your mods, only launching it through ModEngine2 does so.


Mod List

- Berserker Armor and Dragonslayer (by mattplara)

- Sekiro and Bloodborne Dodge Replace Rolling - (by One)

- Lion's Claw New Default Ash Of War For Greatsword/Dragonslayer

- Greatsword/Dragonslayer Moveset Changed To Straightsword Moveset

Berserker Armor and Dragonslayer/Greatsword can be found at the twin maiden husks shop for 1000 runes each.


Google Drive Link

In this google drive you can download Mod Engine 2 with the mods already set up and ready to go (just run launchmod.eldenring) I also included Toggle Anti-Cheat as a seperate folder in the drive for the people who don't have it.


sorry if this guide was kind of a mess, if anything happens to be incorrect or just not work, please correct me.


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