Rune Level 1 Golden Halberd build (RL1)

Rune Level 1 Golden Halberd build (RL1)


Rune Level 1 Golden Halberd build (RL1) image 1

If you want an easy way to complete a level 1 run in Elden Ring this is definitely not the right place for you. This is a guide for absolute chads that enjoy strength builds!

With this build you will most likely have to "almost hitless" most bosses specially in the late game. You have Opaline Tear but that can only take you so far... Once you get to Leyndell Royal Capital theres a talisman you can get that will make this run a bit easier if you so desire.

Lastly this build works for a lot more strength weapons so you can always adapt the build to whatever weapon you like.

[Will edit this guide once I do another Level 1 run and get some screenshots but for now I'll assume you can use the internet and search for the item locations as well as somber stones required]

The Build

Rune Level 1 Golden Halberd build (RL1) image 7

Weapon: Golden Halberd

Sacred Seal: Dragon Communion Seal

Incantation: Flame, Grant Me Strength

Armor: No armor (based)


Radagon's Soreseal

Starscourge Heirloom

Two Fingers Heirloom

Ritual Sword TalismanFlask of Wondrous Physick:

Strength-knot Crystal Tear

Opaline Bubbletear

Early game options

Just use the Club until you get stats for Golden Halberd, Club is a really good weapon so you'll not have much trouble with early bosses.

You can use the Claw Talisman as well but 3 out of the 4 talismans in this build can be obtained from the beginning so just use what suits you best.

Make your run easier

Well, just wear some armor. If you want more equip load you can get Great-Jar's Arsenal talisman.

You can also use the Ritual Shield Talisman, this way you'll be able to tank most hits without getting one shot (Swap with the Ritual Sword Talisman).

If you're having trouble with a boss you can always use Godrick's Great Rune to make it easier. Rune Arcs are limited so be sure to save them for that one boss you hate.


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