Reduce Stuttering


If you're getting Stutters, dropped frames, abnormal performance issues. I managed to make the game playable, I have some advice.

Identify the issue

Setup monitoring tools

Test fixes

If not happy with the results, Goto 2

Identify The Issue

Watch Digital Foundry's report:

Setup Monitoring Tools

MSI Afterburner:

Open MSI Afterburner, put it on a 2nd monitor

If you don't have a second monitor, then install the most optimal overlay for DX12 and kill all other overlays. Steam's overlay isn't configurable. You are able to use RTSS that installs with MSI Afterburner to show an overlay of what's needed next.

In MSI Afterburner you need to see the following which can be a popup window (bottom left lighting bolt in monitor button).

CPU% summary for all cores

CPU% for each core






Opening windows task manager, show the cpu graph, show all cores, show kernel times - make sure you can also see the other graphs on the left as well

I only know a good overlay for Vulkan, if you have suggestions for DX12, send me some benchmark proof.

Testing New Section

(testing) as it maybe possible to create links in steam guides ..

Test Fixes

unlock the fps, then enable a 60fps cap in RTSS. instructions:

if you wanna use Linux, it runs without stutters on Linux

the rest are just for sake of testing. the above two options work. I could say turn on and off your PC 5 times to fix stuttering, remember you're just testing.

Disable VSYNC, right now. In nvidia control panel or amd's thing. Set Vsync to Fast/Gsync/Freesync/Off. One way I found to test if you're getting 16.67ms frametime, even without an overlay, is to turn off VSync, if you see tearing that moves, that indicates it's not 16.67ms frametime! Stutters happen when frametime is over 23ms or so.

Game Launch Options:


Remember what DF said about in-game settings when going over any suggestions to change them.

If you have a Ryzen 3000+, disable Higher Performance power profile and enable AMD Ryzen Balanced. High Performance is really only for using all cores at max GHz. If you want more cpu speed with little risk/effort:,1.html

MSI afterburner lets you overclock your GPU. I find it not risky to overclock a GPU as they're designed to run hot, they usually throttle when overheating, and if my system freezes, I just have to prevent MSI afterburning from starting to disable the overclock. The issue here, the engine I don't feel is reliable enough to test your overclock with. You need a stable overclock cause an unstable one can even cause weird stuff that you can't even see which might cause more issues.

If you have 64GB of RAM or more, you can setup a ramdisk

My goal, is to keep all cpu cores under 80% usage, gpu under 100% usage, all ram under 100% usage, and all drives under 100% usage. My 3900x cpu ranges from 60-90% in game.


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