John Bloodborne: A Guide To Mimicking Bloodborne Weapons in Elden Ring

Mimicking Weapons List

The following chart shows a list of every right-handed Bloodborne weapon and its generally similar Elden Ring counterparts in order to mimic how it looks and its transformation. The notes column details anything you might want to do to be more accurate or limitations. Some trick weapons have multiple potential weapons you could use, but it all comes down to your own preferance.

For most of the bloodtinge weapons, 99% of them can't be mimicked because there's no guns in Elden Ring, however, you can attempt to mimic them by putting glintstone pebble on them as an AoW

Similarity is on a 1-5 scale

1=Barely Any Similarity

2=Vague Similarity

3=Close Enough


5=Extremely Similar

BB WEAPON WEAPON 1 WEAPON 2 SIMILARITY NOTES Amygdalan Arm Curved Club Ringed Finger

Mantis Blade 2 Beast Claw Raptor Talons Bloodhound Claws 3 Beasthunter Saif Iron Cleaver Omen Cleaver

Glaive 4 Beast Cutter Great Omen Cleaver Chainlink Flail 3 Blade of Mercy Shamshir Powerstanced Shamshir 4 Bloodletter Mace Great Stars 4.5 Sepekku sadly can't be placed

on maces Boom Hammer Hammer

Warpick N/A 1 Use fire buffs/exploding pots Burial Blade Beastman's Curved Sword Grave Scythe 4 Chikage Katana

Nagakiba Rivers of Blood 5 Use the Bloodblade AoW on the

1st weapon or one of the

bleed buffs to mimick the moveset Church Pick Regalia of Eochaid

Rotten/Crystal Sword

Iron Spear Warpick

Halo Scythe

Lucerne 3 Holy Moonlight Sword Claymore Dark Moon Greatsword 5 Hunter Axe Battle Axe

Stormhawk Axe

Garogoyle Axes Crescent Moon Axe

Banish Knight's Halberd

Garogoyle's Halberd 3 Kirkhammer Miquellan Knight's Sword

Lordsword's Straight Sword Brick Hammer

Battle Hammer

Giantcrusher 5 Kos Parasite Nox Flowing Sword Urumi/Urumi 4 Use Acid/Poison Perfumes

and Rock Blaster/Shatter Earth

to mimic moveset Logarius' Wheel N/A N/A 0 No bonewheel shield :( Ludwig's Holy Blade Miquellan Knight's Sword

Lordsword's Straight Sword Banished Knight's Greatsword

Royal Greatsword

Watchdog's Greatsword 4 Rakuyo Godskin Peller

Eleonora's Poleblade Uchigatana/Wakizashi

Scimitar/Bloodstained Dagger 4 Reiterpallasch Rapier

Noble's Estoc N/A 1 Rifle Spear Cleanrot Spear


Spiked Spear N/A 1 Saw Cleaver Iron Cleaver Vulgar Militia Saw 4 Saw Spear Iron Cleaver Glaive/Vulgar Militia Saw 3 Simon's Bowblade Shamshir

Beastman's Curved Sword Black Bow/Misericorde

Pulley Bow/Clinging Bone 2 Dagger used to mimic the arrow

in the W2. Stake Driver Katar N/A 1 Threaded Cane Cane Sword Hoslow's Petal Whip/Thorned Whip 5 Tonitrus Nox Flow Hammer

Morning Star N/A 4 Use lightning buffs or Gravity

Stone Fan to mimic the W2 moves Whirligig Saw Hammer

Marika's Hammer

Mace Ghiza's Wheel 5

Mimicking Offhand Weapons List

Since Elden Ring has no guns, this section will not include every offhand weapon. Most of these come down to crossbows or the jar cannon, with the shields being somewhat similar. When possible, always put no skill on your offhand weapon in order to use Bloodhound's Step or Quickstep with your main weapon.


Full Moon Crossbow

Crepus's Black-Key Crossbow 2 Offhand these with exploding bolts Rifles Ballista 3 Flamesprayer Grafted Dragon

Surge, O Flame! 1 Hunter's Torch Steel-Wire Torch

Beast-Repellant Torch 5 Give it a "No Skill" AoW and put

Bloodhound Step/Quickstep on

your main weapon for dashes Fist of Gratia Iron Ball

Star Fist 2 See Hunter's Torch Notes Loch Shield Ice Crest Shield

Silver Mirrorshield

Jellyfish Shield 3 See Hunter's Torch Notes Wooden Shield Pillory Shield

Marred Wooden Shield 3 See Hunter's Torch Notes Rosmarinus Night Maiden's Mist 1 Cannons Jar Cannon 4 Use explosive arrows

Mimicking Hunter Tools List

For Hunter Tools, your best bet is to mimic the Executioner's Gloves as there's an item that's a downgrade of it, but most of the other hunter tools can be mimicked mechnically or visually to some degree.


Rancor Pot 3 Beast Roar Braggart's Roar

Troll's War

Barbaric Roar

Rejection 3 Blacksky Eye Frenzied Burst 2 Empty Phantasm Shell Magic Grease 1 Executioner's Gloves Omen Bairn

Regal Omen Bairn 4 Old Hunter Bone Bloodhound Step

Windy Crystal Tear

Crucible Feather Talisman

Baldachin's Blessing 3 Tiny Tonitrus Gravity Stone Fan/Chunk 4 Choir Bell Lord's Aid

Wraith Calling Bell(?) 1 You can pretend its a bell if you cast the

spell after using it Augur of Ebrietas Aspect of Crucible: Tail 1 Madaras Whistle Dragonmaw 1 Messenger's Gift Mimic Veil

Grace Mimic 1 A Call Beyond Unendurable Frenzy

Pest Threads 3

Recommended Armors + Summary

For armors, there's plenty to pick and choose from, but some specific sets like the Confessor, Leather, Night's Cavalry, and Raptor's set are all good options to mix and match for fashion. Some notable hats are the Aristocrat Hat along with the Mushroom Crown, Black Dumpling, and Black Wolf Mask for the unique hat and transformations from Old Hunters.

In a nutshell, Elden Ring has plenty of ways to let you mimic a lot of Bloodborne weapons, but when it comes to guns and hunter's tools its obviously lacking because of the medieval setting. I hope this helps anyone planning their bloodborne cosplay character or build.


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