INFINITE Rune Farm [ethical version]

INFINITE Rune Farm [ethical version]


This Rune Farm is available to all starting classes from the very start of the game, and while I haven't speed tested it, you should be able to comfortably do it within half-hour. I use this to jump start my fresh play-thrus to go from Soul Level 9 to 36.

And while it has diminishing returns as the game progresses, it's always there if I ever need runes in a pinch. Although I suspect this would remain a strong farm for Arcane-Bleed builds.

You will need:

Torrent (for speed)

Morning Star (innate Bleed weapon available to all classes)

Blood Grease (for additional Blood build-up)

Root Resins can be infinitely farmed as needed from the Warmaster's Shack. Bloodrose can be infinitely farmed from Fort Haight as needed.

Gathering The Requisite Tools

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(You can skip this part if you already have the tools, or have superior tools already)

From the First Step bonfire you will want to head to the Gatefront Ruins bonfire as this is usually where you will be able to acquire Torrent, your noble steed.

After acquiring Torrent, starting from the Agheel Lake South bonfire head south to the Weeping Peninsula, across the bridge, and loot the Morning Star from the back of the Hearse.

From the Gatefront Ruins bonfire head to the Third Church of Marika and use the Waygate in the lake to zip to the Bestial Sanctum in Caelid.

From the Bestial Sanctum ride south to the Fort Faroth bonfire.

Elder Dragon Greyoll will be our infinite Rune Farm.

How To Farm Greyoll Infinitely

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(tl;dr you need to kill it and quickly sit at the bonfire to respawn Greyoll)

There may be more than a single way to do this (especially if you're a spell caster with Bleed), but I will attempt to explain my way using SL9 Vagabond.

You can safely attack (and kill) Greyoll from behind for massive amount of runes, everyone know this. Not everyone knows you can do this infinitely.

You need to stand in a very specific place to both attack Greyoll, but be close enough to the bonfire in order to respawn her before her death animation completes. Normally there will be a white message in the correct loaction, but I have marked it on my screencap.

Greyoll has approx. ~87,000HP, but as Bleed does a percentage of health, this will make the process faster, even for low-level characters. Normally takes me just a few minutes. Additionally you can use Spirit Ash summon for additional DPS. But DO NOT use Co-Op summons as you will not be able to sit at the bonfire while they are active.

Using the Morning Star, and liberally applying Blood Grease, you will consistently get bleed procs dealing over 13,000 damage.

The very moment you deal the final blow to Greyoll, mount Torrent (having the Finger Whistle hot-keyed is helpful here) and spam dash back to the bonfire and dismount to immediately sit at the bonfire, there's only a short window of opportunity here so be swift.

Sitting at the bonfire will cause Greyoll to respawn, but at the same time you will be granted the base runes for "killing" her. The base amount is 50,000 runes. This is less than if you allow her to die completely as the 5 surrounding generic dragons will not die (which are worth ~5,000 runes each), but this will allow Greyoll to be continued to be farmed into the future. I normally start a fresh playthru this way with 2 farms so I can level straight to ~36, as this needs about ~100,000 runes. This is the most efficient early game rune farm I know, and persists in usefulness as the game progresses too.

An important note here is if you farm Greyoll like this you will not get Greyoll's Roar, nor the 5 Dragon Hearts, which is the trade-off for being able to farm her infinitely. If you wish to get the Miracle or the Dragon Hearts, you will have to let her perma-die and will no longer be able to farm her.

Extra Bits

A few extra bits of info.

It's useful to create a back-up save before attempting this, so if you don't get the timing right and Greyoll perma-dies, you can load the back-up savefile and attempt it again. Even I sometimes miss the timing and need to reload. However if you don't have a back-up save ready to go, there will be nothing you can do to bring her back.

If you don't know how to create a back-up save, there's a video guide on my YT channel.

Using a Group Multiplayer Password will grant you a passive 5% rune bonus whenever someone kills a shard-bearer.

Using a Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot will further boost rune acquisition by 30%.

Wearing the Gold Scarab ring will further boost rune acquisition by 20%.

If my math is correct (please double-check me), this stacked together will net ~81,000 runes per farm and can be repeated infinitely.


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I wanted to create this guide as an alternative to a lot of the guides already out there that either exploit other players in online play (breaking TOS), or require endgame gear/locations for specific builds. This guide is available to all classes and builds, and can be done at all times during a playthru making it "evergreen".

Please, if you found this helpful, or want to help my goal of spreading an ethical, infinite rune farm that doesn't violate Terms of Service, please like and comment on my YT video (linked above) so it gains traction in the algorithm.

It's disappointing that so many mid-size YT channels have been making exploit videos, and link to scam websites. If I can help one person, then this guide was worth it.

Watch out for scam guides such as these below 👇👇👇


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