how to play like Under the Mayo

How To Play Elden Ring Like Under The Mayo In 10 Steps

step 1. get drunk and live stream to at least 70 people. you have to make sure you don't like the game before playing

step 2. choose the Hero class because you're gonna be the real Hero after this

step 3. check your binds

step 4. complain about your binds and ♥♥♥♥ them up

step 5. blame the game for your ♥♥♥♥♥♥ up binds

step 6. exit the tomb and complain about the game's art design and kill a few non hostile mobs

step 7. complain about the game even more (make sure you ask for donations to get a PS5 it's really important)

step 8. backtrack and say you weren't calling the game ugly or bad. ban anyone who criticizes you and points out your flaws

step 9. proceed call the game ugly and bad. remind your viewers about the PS5 charity

step 10. delete the game after 4 hours of non stop complaining and begging instead of actually taking the time to see if you'd enjoy it or not.

Congratulations. I hope this guide has taught you how to play like Famous YouTuber Under the Mayo and you are now miserable and maidenless than ever


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