How to Communicate

How to Communicate

So, You Just Met Another Player..

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.. but you have no idea how to communicate with the. This is very troubling, how are you able to help them or fight them in the fashion you wish to? 90% of the time, this won't REALLY matter, but it's nice to show people secrets or let them know there's no hard feelings. But, safety first; let's start with the Don'ts.

Do not point at them, generally. Especially with Point Down. This is highly disrespectful in the PvP situation, and may result in an immediate retaliation or attack. In Co-Op, pointing down at your host may result in you being sent home.

Now that that's out of the way.. let's get to the Greetings.

Open with a wave or a casual greeting to let them know you're there, or to let them know you're not going to outright attack them. This is generally returned to you unless the other player is bloodthirsty or generally doesn't care about what you are trying to say. If it does work, then you have a variety of options. As Co-Op, you have now established rapport with your host. However, as an invader or duelist, you have now established a certain, basic level of trust with them. You could betray this later on, or you can genuinely be nice and do something nice for them. AFTER this is when the pointing is okay, but not pointing down unless you're telling them to go somewhere downwards. This can be useful if you want to lead the host somewhere like a secret or a trap.

But, let's say the situation is different, or you're playing a character who loves the hunt, or any other situation imminent to a fight; then, you use the bow.

The Bow is a very useful gesture. And with so many choices of bow, it's hard to find one that doesn't match the matter at hand. This an show a host that you're ready to fight the boss, or your adversary that you're ready to duel them. With this, the fightning can commence, and against other players, its expected that you bow again afterwards. If they were being cheap, however, this is where you use the point down, or throw rope fecal pots to show your disdain for their playstyle, though this is highly discouraged.

Zesty gestures like spinning, the Jojo pose, snapping, and these other seemingly "Miscellaneous" are highly vibes-based and honestly have no assigned meaning beyond being some pretty sassy responses to a fight. In other contexts, it could just be to get attention or show off your armor or roleplay. It's up to you to give the right meanings to them at the right time.

Let's say you're in the middle of a journey or are being friendly with a host you're invading; the best option to show your being non-threatening or chill is to throw down a grace mimic and do a sitting gesture near it, mimicking resting at a checkpoint. Checkpoints give a sense of security and friendliness that is very useful for building rapport, and sitting beside a checkpoint mimic can show your willingness to be friendly and helpful to them. Sitting in general is a surprisingly fun thing to do in the game, be it for interesting screenshots or to just show that you're friendly.


Have you ever seen this gesture that you cant seem to find?

This is called The Ring, and it's a gesture that comes with Elden Ring Deluxe Edition. However, you regular game players can still get it; simply beat an in-game boss with someone who owns the Deluxe Edition,and you'll receive it as part of the rewards !

Well, good luck out there, Traveller. Make some friends, why don't you? Happy travels!


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