How to beat Soul of Cinder

How to beat Soul of Cinder

The Boss

The Soul of Cinder is not your average enemy. He's a combination of every class that didn't invite you to their party because you were too "hollow" for their taste. But now, here's how you can literally just win.

Phase 1

The Mood Swings

During this phase, the Soul of Cinder will switch between different fighting styles, each representing a distinct Dark Souls player stereotype:

Strength Build: Uses the basic firelink greatsword to beat you up

Meet the Pyro: Loves to throw fire around, at you mostly. With a bit of a dex build thrown in (But you're a strength build of course)

The Sorcerer: We love casting spells.


Phase 2

You're fighting Gwyn, and your tears. Listen to that soundtrack.

Now that you've made him mad it's time to pay attention.


Armour: Wear something fashionable please

Weapon: Fists or any other weapon in the game (Upgraded to max if you wish)

Sheild: Grass Crest Shield <3, I would say Caestus for you parry gods but this boss is mean and can't be parried. Plus this is my guide not yours, you're using the Grass Crest Shield

The Strategy

1. Stay Close, but Not "We're Family" Close: This boss enjoys personal space. Invade it, but don't overstay your welcome. Dance around him like you're trying to avoid a conversation like I know you do.

2. ROLL: Dodge rolling is key. If you're not rolling, you're not trying. Remember, roll into attacks, not away.

3. Punish, but Don't Get Greedy: After dodging his attacks, hit him once or twice, but don't get greedy. Greed has killed more Dark Souls players than the actual bosses.

4. Phase 2: Cry

5. Phase 2: When he begins Gwyn mode, keep your distance, time your rolls for his lightning attacks, and only get close when you're sure it's safe. If all else fails, remember, tears are a natural part of this fight too, but are also part of step 4 and we're in step 5 now, hurry along.


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Okay so now assuming you beat the boss (I know you did, look at you go :D), that brings this guide to an end. Now it's time to become Elden Lord, again this is my guide and you'll pick the ending I want. Sit on the Onion Throne


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